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Lyle Beerbohm wants to talk about drugs

Court McGee isn’t the only guy who spent a while doing all the drugs before becoming a mixed martial artist. Lyle ‘Fancypants’ Beerbohm (currently languishing in Strikeforce) also went through a suck dick for meth period that he lays out in an upcoming budget documentary on his life. Here’s one of his mugshots from the period – notice the sores on his face, or as I like to call them, meth kisses.

  • agentsmith

    Maybe it’s chickenpox, you don’t know.


    He was imprisoned for theft, possession of drugs, trafficking in drugs (meth) and adult Chickenpox… so it’s hard to say.

  • Elfenstein

    if a person has managed to become drug free from such crap as meth — why on earth make fun about it. immature . . . .

  • glassjawsh

    ^ because this is fightlinker