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M-1 and Vinny Magalhaes show Dana and Rampage how it’s done

The UFC has had a hard time trying to keep it’s fighters and staff from cracking rape jokes n stuff on twitter. But imagine how crazy things might be if there wasn’t all this pressure from the outside world to behave like civilized human beings? It might look a little bit like this:

The ongoing war of words between Ultimate Fighter finalist, former UFC fighter and current M-1 Global Light Heavyweight Champion Vinny Magalhaes and M-1 Global’s director of operations Evgeni Kogan continued overnight, with the two sides exchanging increasingly heated insults via social media outlet Twitter.

Kogan described Magalhaes — his organization’s reigning light heavyweight champion — as “Douche Bigalow Fighting Gigolo” and “an unemployed gigolo stalker homophobe fighter” while ending many of his tweets with “#butthurtforvinny2012” and “#unemploymentisnotshameful.”

For his part, Magalhaes didn’t hold back either, calling his former boss a “fancy boy” and repeatedly accusing him of spending his time “anal bleaching.” In response to Kogan calling him unemployed, Magalhaes replied “I’m not unemployed you piece of sh-t, I just decided to quit my sh-tty job to move on to a better one.”

You might remember things going sour between Vinny and M-1 after Vinny got the sneaking suspicion that M-1 was setting him up to lose. From there it’s been a non-stop back and forth between Magalhaes and Kogan, with Vinny at one point stating he was going to put the M-1 light heavyweight belt up for sale on eBay for 10 cents. Funny how M-1’s stuff keeps on ending up there, huh?

  • Giallo

    He might hurt his chances to get in the ufc if he don’t watch what he says

  • scissors61

    Are you kidding? Shit-talking M1 or any business competing with the UFC publicly is one of the best ways to get on Dana’s good side.

  • Giallo

    yeah but getting into the fag slurs is bad business these days, and that dumbass union is riding the ufcs ass

  • agentsmith

    Siyar Bahhumbug called Scott Coker a pig-fucker, and got in the UFC just fine.

  • Ron Jeremy

    on the UFC on Fox card Rogan said “just when people though MMA was gay enough”, in response to goldberg talking about when Jackson told GSP to hit his opponent with his groin.

    Good thing certain groups didnt catch that, they would have cried foul for the word gay being used in a comparative demeaning way. I want my happy word back you faggots. And Pheonetixs wants his rainbow back. You get to keep ribbed condoms and hershey bars. You can also keep Kim Petras and Richard Simmons.

  • Giallo

    fucking pigs is more socially acceptable then brown dicking it with a guy in the middle east and southern usa


    Fuck M – 1. They represent everything this sport should avoid or it will suffer a fate similar to boxing.

  • Reverend Clint

    he keeps talking shit and the UFC will make up a fake job for him like they did with chuck liddell.

  • frickshun

    Ryan is a Fancy Boy.

  • iamphoenix

    i’m disappoint with lack of bieber content.

  • iamphoenix

    heeeeelllllllll yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Paula

    Have you ever made weight for a sport?.Ask any wlteersr, boxer, etc. They’ll all tell you it’s easier to drop weight than to gain it properly. By properly, I mean putting on lean muscle and not just adding fat to make a higher weight like some fighters do. Not to mention adding muscle like that can change your cardio sometimes or your speed/reflexes in a fight until you get used to it. If a fighter feels skinny/powerless from cutting, he probably cut too much or did it wrong.

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