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Manly clothes for a manly sport

God knows most of the UFC shirts out there are total shite, but I’ve noticed lately that their designs are getting a lot worse lately. It’s like the graphic designer has been … ‘afflicted’ with something. Afflicted with shitty tired repetitive graphic design, that is.

Featuring original art by renowned artist Richard T. Slone, the ”Ultimate King Premium” t-shirt is pre-washed multiple times with enzymes, then masterfully hand-grinded and sanded in select areas and expertly silk screened across the seams, creating the best look and feel the world. As a finishing touch, each shirt is hand-embellished with imported crystal rhinestones and hammered metal studs, each one individually placed.

Yep that’s right, the crown has actual fucking rhinestones in it. And there’s nothing manlier than wearing a shirt with imported crystal rhinestones. Hey, I’m willing to accept the UFC putting guns of all things on ultimate fighting shirts. But rhinestones? Where the hell is this going? What’s next … a line of purses?


    Links lead to no image available pages. That T reminds me of something.


    Surprised you posted so late in the day. The internet is a dangerous place right now for UFC fans.

  • S.K.

    I put rhinestones on my Affliction shirts. No really, but not having that silly y-chromosome makes it acceptable.

  • fightlinker

    Hehe what can i say, I like to live dangerously. I’m keeping my head low… pulled links this morning and then have been writing since then. I figure it’s about 4 more hours before the live show from England is ripped and on the trackers, and I’ll watch that.

  • fightlinker

    I’ve updated the post with direct links to the t-shirt pics


    Spot on, those shirts such. I’d say the one pictured above is far and away the best of the 3

  • fightlinker

    Seriously, it looks like someone stole a metalhead’s grade six sketchbook.

  • kentyman

    I like how they say “imported” like it’s at all impressive. “Wow, are those genuine crystal rhinestones from Taiwan on your shirt?!”

    Now back to masterfully hand-grinding myself in select areas. Multiple times. With enzymes.

  • fightlinker

    Damn kentyman … I love it when commenters write funnier stuff than my posts. You win!

  • johnny

    affliction is poser wear for upper middle class white trash as opposed to Tapout which is poser wear for all white trash

  • Jake DeMuss

    The shirt is awesome. I love it and have ordered one, not all have Rhinestones – the design is awesome.

  • Awesome Shirt

    Fukkin awsome! Worth every penny.

  • Big D D

    The Worst Ever!