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Many arenas ‘too small’ for the UFC

Last week, I said that the UFC was stupid for considering a stadium event in the UK. You guys correctly ripped into me for this, and if you needed more proof that attendance in the UK is doing just fine, check this out: the arenas in most areas just aren’t big enough for them!

The UFC has confirmed it will be heading to the Republic of Ireland – just as soon as there is an arena big enough for it to use.

With his Boston-Irish background, UFC president Dana White is known to be very keen for the promotion to touch down in the land of his forefathers, as are many UFC fighters that share the same heritage.

But the UFC regularly sells in excess of 17,000 tickets for live events and at present Ireland has no suitable venues that could accommodate those numbers.

However, that may change when work to increase the capacity of the Point Depot in Dublin is completed.

The Point, which is the Republic of Ireland’s leading indoor venue, is a regular feature on the tour itineraries of international touring bands and has also hosted major boxing matches.

Its owners are having the roof raised so that extra tiers of seating can be installed. Once this is is done, it is very likely that the UFC will make use of it to stage their first ever event in the Republic of Ireland.

The problem of venue capacity has also put a hold on UFC plans to visit Scotland, although there are two arenas currently being built there that the organisation has its eye on.

PS: Yes, I know Dublin is part of the Republic of Ireland and not actually a part of the UK.

  • Reverend Clint

    I predict an irish hand grenade

  • Carcass

    Yeah, I hope someone throws one at that American bloke…what’s his name….Marcus Davis

  • Carcass

    On a more serious note, I predict a few UFC debuts for people from Straight Blast Gym. And maybe they’ll bring back Colin Robinson.

  • Reverend Clint

    “Straight Blast” sounds like a gay porn involving confused young men.

  • Carcass

    Sounds like something you’d do.

  • Reverend Clint

    Exit only

  • kentyman

    “Its owners are having the roof raised…”

    Looks like Luke‘s back in business.

  • jakey

    please, no more marcus davis – that guy never shuts the fuck up

  • LD

    The stadiums would sell out too – Millenium Stadium in Cardiff with any luck would be a prime target

  • Al

    Well, if they need a large, outdoor venue, they could always try Croke Park… ;)

  • goo

    “I predict an irish hand grenade”

    Oh, he’ll be there, and he’ll be called the “Celtic Warrior” or something just in case someone takes offence and blows up the cage.

    I hope this does happen. I’ll look forward to a card with some interesting fights and no celebrities, taking embarrassing photos with the referees and being completely ignored by Rampage even though I’m standing right beside him – just like last time haha.