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Maquiel Falcao was the real victim here

Maquiel Falcao has finally broken his silence regarding the gas station brawl he initiated by taking a swing at a random girl standing by the cash register. And while the video certainly makes it look like Falcao is the asshole, he tells the folks at Mundo Meio Dia that the woman was the real asshole here:

“We had three beers that night in a little bar nearby and we went to the gas station to take one more. The girl who was inside of the store thought I was hitting on her. She turned to me and said some racist nicknames. If I was supposed to knock any single person, just look how many guys were in there, I’d never beat a woman. If we were used to drink, nothing would have happened. With a couple words we’d be ok but I don’t know what happened to that guys. Back that day I got robbed, they took my shoes, my jacket and my wallet. It was a double attempt of robbery and murder.”

“Me and Kauê were beat several times with a lumber, I’m very depressed because all what happened to him, today was the first day I could walk on my own feet after the brawl. I’m extremely sorry and I apologize to his family, I apologize to the MMA lovers and fighters. I’m very sad to involve the sport in this episode”

Yeah let’s not mention practically rubbing up against her, or taking a swing at her. These omissions really make your entire statement sound so truthful. And I’m sure there were only three drinks involved. Were they Big Gulp sized cups? I’m not saying that the brawl that ensued was a reasonable response to what happened, but it seems a no-brainer to me that you don’t take a swing at a girl in Brazil unless you’re prepared to deal with 15 armed dudes attacking you. There are many circumstances where Brazil can turn into a real life version of Double Dragon. Attacking random chicks is one of them.

(via eatthisjerry @ Sherdog)

  • kwagnuth

    I used to hang out with a guy like that. He used to start shit and expect other people to fight his battles. Looking back on it I should have kicked his ass myself and told him to stay the fuck away from me.

  • agentsmith

    Looks like his “move” was to give her a single crotch-bump. Ladies love getting crotch-bumped by random dudes at gas stations, gets them wet it does.

  • Rhymezbullet

    anotehr white trash whore who she tryingto suduce looks like a stripper man falcao dont want none of dat and he dont even hit her but wtf of course when a white woman sees a black person it’s ok for her to bring her frineds to try n murder him WTF

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Dude, late stoppage.

    I literally could not make any sense of the post above mine. I put it into Google translate to try and get it from Swahili back into English and it did not help.