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Marcus Davis contemplates retirement

For a guy who made a good living in the UFC by regularly getting the sh*t beaten out of him, Marcus Davis sure is taking his most recent loss hard:

Following the loss Davis took to his Facebook page where he addressed the loss saying, “Sorry all. I’m just not pulling the trigger like I did even five years ago. I have days in the gym where I can’t be touched but days where I’m lethargic. Consistency is key to being a professional fighter. My reactions have slowed. I’m not going to make my decision now until I am with my family but this wouldn’t have happened 10-5 years ago. Time I think has caught up with me. I will be with my wife tomorrow and we will discuss my career. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who has ever supported me.”

Much more worrisome than the knockout itself was how long it took Davis to unscramble his eggs afterwards. At 38 years of age, he’s clearly near the end of his fighting career. What he was even doing kickboxing in Ireland to begin with is still a bit of a mystery. It reeks of fighting for the sake of fighting, which is all well and good when you’re a 20 year old kid. Not so much when you’re a grizzled veteran who’s brain is a few concussions away from turning to yogurt.

  • Reverend Clint

    he better retire or he will look like this

  • Mike Winklejohnson

    I like him as a fighter but that KO had nothing to do with age, but he just got beat by a better fighter. It’s not like he didn’t block it properly. It happened when he jumped in with the right hook and got countered perfectly with the headkick. His opponent timed that one. 

  • frickshun


  • Fitdaws

    O.k I am going out on a big limb here, and most will disagree with me…but I stil think the UFC should not have cut him…..yup, I said it! All his UFc fights were wars and they were never dull, and even his last UFC fight against Jeremy Stephens was a war and Marcus was winning until he got caught at the end….I am braising for harsh reaction but tis is my opinion.

  • raizor

    Fitdaws, I agree. His comeback victory against Paul Taylor is still one of my favorite fights. He’s much more entertaining than Hardy in my opinion, who’s performances lately look like he’s reading nothing but “101 ways to get wrestlefucked”.

  • drunkenjunk

    fitdaws, yea he’s entertaining. I’m pretty sure its about safety though. After gettin KO’d by Saunders and Stephens and Nate beatin the brakes off him it was time to go. I don’t like seeing an old dude get KTFO and then lay lifeless for 5 min. On top of that he lost 4 of his last 5 so he def should of been cut.

  • Reverend Clint

    should have sent him to strikefarce or made him TUF King

  • raizor

    It could have been so different if Bob Shamrock had adopted him way back when…

  • Giallo

    Shit i gotta watch goonies again soon. He’d probably do ok in strikeforce, after the ufc guts it maybe.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Man, now I wanna watch Goonies too.  And Marcus Davis should not be fighting.  Whether it’s the evolution of his slurred speech or his terrible reaction time and coordination I hope he’ll stop while he’s got some brains and peace left.

  • agentsmith

    He just needs some TRT and he’ll feel like a new man.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Call it a career homie.

    Thanks for the fights and memories, but the fight game is a brutal business and you don’t want to turn into that guy for young lions to style on and make a name off of.

  • Ron Jeremy

    WTF is that thing cap!??!

  • Ron Jeremy

    I made it better

  • Ron Jeremy

    oops missed a frame…

  • Ron Jeremy

    he is perpetual now.

  • Giallo

    lol chunk with the truffle shuffle

  • Sachchidanand

    ummmm the same thing Pacquiao did to him. That fight was a lot of back and fourths just like his fight with Manny. Except Floyd did more back pdidleng. Pacquiao and Marquez stood toe to toe most times. That’s why they’re fights are so exciting. And no man, the judges weren’t wrong. Manny won those two fights. Granted it was close, but he won those two. Glad your not a judge in any fights. lol

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