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Marijuana costs Pat Healy $135,000


This is getting ridiculous. Pat Healy’s triumphant arrival to the UFC has been ruined by a positive test for marijuana. Now not only has his win over Jim Miller been overturned, but he’s getting financially screwed as well:

Healy earned an announced $152,500, by far the biggest payday of his career, for facing Miller in the first fight on that night’s pay-per-view show headlined by Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen.

But $135,000 of that figure was bonus money for Healy, who was working on his former Strikeforce contract that called for a $17,500 fight guarantee. $130,000 was for winning both the best fight and best submission bonuses. Another $5,000 was his win bonus.

All of that bonus money will have to be forfeited, since he no longer won the fight and based on UFC policy.

It seems to me like the only guys getting consistently busted for drugs are the pot heads. This sucks not only for them, but for fans who would rather the commissions butted out of shit like that and tried to concentrate on the stuff that really matters, like steroids. But this is the world we live in: smoking weed a month before your fight will cost you your win and all the money that came with it, while commissions are actually handing out exemptions for steroids.

(pic by Brad Penner for USA Today)

  • PennIsMightier

    The THC levels on today’s pot are through the roof, you can’t just stop smoking a few weeks before the fight and expect the metabolites not to be there.

  • CAP

    135Gs can buy a lot of kush. Tuf break Mr. Healy.

  • noiseless

    damn it.

  • Timothy Leary B

    This is beyond asenine! BOOOOOOOO UFC!!!

  • Nachtfalter

    I agree that it’s retarded to even test for Marijuana and beyond insanity that it’s apparently considered to be as bad as getting roided out of your mind.

    Then again, if you’re a fighter, you KNOW there’s a good chance you’ll be tested, you KNOW the metabolites stay in your system for a long time, you KNOW you can’t be smoking pot for a long, long time before you have a fight. I like Pat Healy a lot, but he knew the rules (stupid as they are), he violated them and he’s paying the price.

  • RB

    Seriously… its 2013 for godssake!!! IF YOU’RE A FIGHTER, DON’T SMOKE POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t matter how you feel on the subject, RULES ARE RULES!!!

    I can’t wear a hat to my office. Hat’s are legal. I have many. I wear them often. My office says no, SO I DON”T WEAR THEM TO THE OFFICE!


  • Reverend Clint

    if they did a better test they can tell how long its been since the pot was smoked but very few place test that. Like PennIsMightier said it take a while for weed to exit the system, i can attest to that, especially if you are constantly dehydrated ie cutting weight.

  • frickshun

    I KNEW IT!! I knew there was no way in hell that Healy could beat Miller LEGALLY. He just had to be on something…..

  • noiseless

    lately i have given lesser shits about UFC. MMA in general, don’t know if it’s connected. prrrrobably.