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Marius Zaromskis is an artiste

The always exciting and violent Marius Zaromskis put on quite a show at last night’s Bellator. As you can see, he’s taking ‘spinning shit’ to a whole other level. Unfortunately, his flashy moves didn’t earn him a decision over his opponent Brent Weedman so now Zaromskis goes wherever defeated Bellator tournament fighters go when they lose. Which is too bad, because I’d happily watch Zaromskis fight every week.

(gifs via Zombie Prophet)

  • kvelertak

    He should spend more time not sucking. Flipping cunt.

  • Denton

    What a fuckin badass this guy,

  • Reverend Clint

    really good way to get your shit fucked up

  • kwagnuth

    That’s what happens when you celebrate too early. Save the backflip for after you have won the fight like George does jackass.