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Mark Cuban is a good dancer

Because it’s the weekend and we’ve got better things to do than blab like bitches in a beauty salon about MMA, most of the posts here will be total fluff pieces with barely any connection to MMA whatsoever. Or not. Either way, you’ve been warned.

Here’s HDNet owner Mark Cuban getting down in preparation for his Dancing with the Stars appearances. He shows up at the 0:25 second mark, so make sure you’re not in the middle of swallowing anything that might choke you to death at that exact moment.

  • mark cuban

    even i have to admit that is hysterical


  • fightlinker

    Wow, and that really was Mark.

  • RT

    Incredible thats all I can say…..

  • fightfan

    What the fuck is that???? Where is that from?? Really??

  • fightfan

    ALSO……what happens at the :25 mark???? The guy that looks like Cuban is in almost the ENTIRE video. So what is notable about the :25 spot????

  • Thomas


  • bmiller

    The male dancer name is Shammi Kapoor.
    Here is his bio from fightlinkers bible, wikipedia