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Mark Munoz pulps Chris Leben’s eye at UFC 138

The UFC’s first five round non-title fight happened last night in England, but it ended in the second round. Not with a bang, but a whimper. That’s not to say we didn’t get enough bang in the 10 minutes we did see. Chris Leben and Mark Munoz beat the crap out of each other at UFC 138 in an exciting back and forth battle. But in the end, a bad cut above Chris Leben’s eye forced an end to the fight between rounds 2 and 3.

Leben was having issues with Mark Munoz’s wrestling and pace from the start of the fight, but the real trouble started halfway through the second when a series of rights split him open. With one of the Crippler’s eye swimming in blood, the ref paused the action to check things out.

Leben talked himself into remaining in the fight during this exchange:

Goddard, as the doctor checks Leben’s eye: “Chris, if you tell me you can’t see, I’m going to stop this fight.”

Leben, after taking a deep breath: “I can see.”

Goddard, pointing toward the cage door: “OK, doctor, out we go.”

God bless Chris Leben. He clearly couldn’t see. He was saying over and over that he couldn’t see … right until the ref explained what that meant. Not that Chris didn’t know. But when it gets boiled down to a ‘Do you want to continue?’ question, you’re not gonna find many fighters who’ll say they don’t. It almost makes you wish the ref or doctor would take things into their own hands and say “This is freakin’ ridiculous. The fight’s over!”

In the end, that’s what happened once the second round ended. Whether it was Leben’s corner that called a halt to things or a doctor’s decision is still somewhat unclear, but it seemed like a good call. Even though Leben is known for hail mary comebacks, Munoz was headhunting on his blind side with head kicks and looked like he was ready for another 3 rounds. Leben, who’s body was flushed lobster red … not so much.

What’s next for Mark Munoz? He asked for a title shot but that doesn’t sound likely gauging UFC brass reactions during the post event press conference. For Chris Leben? You can never count him out, but after a brief sparkling moment where he looked like a contender he’s back to the middle of the pack. Maybe after getting cardio skull fucked by Munoz, he’ll finally address that issue. I recommend some triathlon training or something. Hey, it works for Nick Diaz.

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  • Reverend Clint

    i have a feeling leben will be back better than ever. he is basically a middleweight gate keeper who puts on entertaining fights… he is the chris lytle of the MW division

  • iamphoenix

    there’s more coverage on FL for this card i didn’t even know was going down last night than for NICK DIAZ vs BJ PENN! WHAT THE FUCK

  • P W

    Nobody had to pay to watch that card right? Cause goddamn was it lukewarm.

    I’ve read somewhere that the UFC wants to keep the doctor’s stoppages crazy and unpredictable to match the level of the reffing and judging. Makes sense when you think about it.



  • BearCavalry

    Usually when I see a fighter with tons of tattoos but is losing the fight, I think he should have spent that money on more training vs. ink,  but Leben seems to be both getting better and getting more tattoos. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I love me some Leben and all, but what the fuck was he on last night?  He was purple by the first takedown and looked too beefy to move.  Sick maybe?  Turrible.

  • kwagnuth

     Dammit he needs to stop eating all that candy. Ironic that that was the first non title 5 rounder maybe they should be more careful who they put in there for those. Next we will get to see Shogun gasout even worse.

  • Redping

    people who are still saying this was a bad card, are the kind of people who don’t watch fights and just decide whether the like something before they see it or not. EVery fight had a finish (this one wasn’t too exciting though, but still a good fight), and despite losing njoukouani/taylor, there was still some awesome performances. And shit, I was amped when the aussie came back to choke out the frenchman, very exciting. Sad for pickett though.

    And yeah, they might as well change that question to ‘ARE YOU A GIANT PUSSY?’. I remember when Jorge got knee’d in the face ilegaly by bisping and the doctor pulled him up and said (or might have well have) ARE YOU A COWARD? ARE YOU SCARED OF BISPING? BASED ON YOUR ANSWERS WE WILL DECIDE WHETHER THAT WAS ILLEGAL OR WHETHER HE SHOULD GET A COACHING SPOT ON TUF AND SPIT ON YOU

    Same with Koscheck, he went on for 4 rounds too long with a broken orbital. Somebody needs to tell these doctors that THEY’RE the experts on health, you’re not supposed to ask a fighter how concussed they are and let them call it

  • Symbul

    Aside from Omigawa and the heavyweights shitting up the arena it was a pretty good card to watch. It had fuck-all name value but I enjoyed watching it (especially since I had the foresight to miss the Broughton fight) and it was both nice and weird to be done with a UFC card at like 10PM.

    Seconded on the “Can you see/continue/want to get cut by the UFC?” question not being the best thing going on in MMA.

  • Blackula Jonez

    A main card with no fights going to the third round becuase of stoppages and people are calling it lukewarm.

    I will never understand mma fans.

    And Leben himself said he couldn’t see at the end of round 2 Ryan. The Crippler wanted out, he was nowhere near ready to fight a hard 25 mins, they could of spackled that gash shut but Chris had nothing for Munoz.

  • Danjo

    Leben is one of my all time favorite fighters. I love how he goes in to lizard brain mode and just keeps coming on.

    Hated to see him lose like that, but Munoz was going to fuck him up even worse had it not been stopped.

  • CAP

    Rogan said it best when he said Leben looked like the walking dead.

  • Blackula Jonez


    Good thing this guy isn’t Brazilian, fans might mistake this statement as an excuse if that was the case.



  • Reverend Clint

    shit had he layed off the burgers i bet he would have been more competitive

  • Danjo

    Leben seems to have sporadic problems with his cardio. It’s not all the time, but when it’s a problem it is obvious. He was tired as fuck at the end of round 1.

    Leben, you’re my boy. Take care of yourself and put in a fucking training camp that makes you build up that cardio. Shit, go train up in CO with Rampage. Do SOME-fucking-thing to get yourself to the point where you aren’t sucking ants out of a pillow after one round.

  • frickshun

    ^^I’m sure he had some issue like an injury that prevented him from adhering to his normal weight cut schedule. I’ve never heard of him having a cut like this. Makes sense though that he had no gas after the 1st round. It breaks my heart to see Munoz win fights : (

  • P W

    Guys guys… Just like a fight which goes to a decision isn’t necessarily a bad fight, a fight with a finish isn’t by definition a good fight. Case in point: Crocop vs. Mir. Or take that Alves vs. Papi fight for example – it finished early not because it was good fight, but because Papi didn’t belong in the cage with Alves in the first place! I can tell the difference!

    Don’t worry Blackula, “people” seem to agree it was a good card. It’s just me who thinks an event with an undercard passed off as a main card, nobodies in fights that don’t really matter, a joke of a main event, and nothing all that spectacular happening, is in summary… well, you know, not a total disaster or anything, but a bit… lukewarm.

    But then, I do have a reputation of being a bit of an MMA connoisseur, and also, an ungrateful asshole.