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Martin vs Leben = Awesome Fight Night

Wow. Considering the last Ultimate Fight Night was full of relatively unknown fighters, the UFC really seems to be pulling out the stops for the next one on September 19th. First was the announcement of Din Thomas vs Spencer Fisher. Then all that Mike Swick / Chris Leben drama that ended with Mike Swick fighting Jonathan Goulet over some thread on the Sherdog forums.

Now it’s looking like Chris Leben is back on the card against Terry Marin. Terry’s last two fights have lasted less than 3 minutes combined so it should be interesting to see these guys bang … if Leben still bangs, that is. I’m not gonna give Chris any shit over his loss to Jason MacDonald … Jason’s going to prove he’s one of the top guys and there’s no shame losing to someone like him. On the other hand, losing to Smelly Starnes made me question if Leben really deserves to stay in the UFC.

I guess we’ll find out on September 18th in what’s looking like the biggest Ultimate Fight Night since Tito took on Shamrock. Is the UFC going to consistently put such stellar cards together for free? Perhaps higher caliber cards were part of the rumored new deal between the UFC and Spike. One thing is for sure though: this card will definitely give the next season of The Ultimate Fighter a nice shove off.

  • DJ Hapa

    Wait, why the heck is Leben in the UFC again? I don’t like either of these guys, so I am just not too excited about this one. If they start “boxing” it could get really emarrassing.

  • Ryan

    He’s got one more fight on his contract before he heads to Hawaii, Hapa.

  • groda

    Oi, fightlinker, are you losing your edge or what? Why haven’t you blasted Sherk’s ass yet? What the hell is going on? All the things I thought were true are coming undone. Fightlinker burying Sherk’s doping, no comment, no delighted outrage. Suddenly the world is a dark and scary place where nothing can be trusted, there is no fixed point to cling onto. Fightlinker is part of the cover-up, what is next?

  • fightlinker

    Sorry man, I’m drowning under 1000s of penis pump comments at the moment. Trust me, we’ll be talking about Sherk on tonight’s radio show + on the site soon. My short summary: if you’re wondering if he’s innocent, ask Nate Marquardt.

  • DJ Hapa

    A bit off topic: Hey Mr Linker, I think we all have to give Iole a little credit for his last column. Even if I didn’t neccesarily agree with everything, he didn’t seem to be taking his orders from Dana this time.

  • fightlinker

    I just read it … seems like he grew a pair while Dana’s been gone on vacation!

  • mickey

    You want to know how I know he grew a pair? Well, I’ve been down there sucking on it alright?

  • Fred

    Why did you call Kalib “Smelly”, Fightlinker? Is he THAT funky? Or is there another reason for the nickname?

  • D34

    The fight card itself is looking to be pretty good, the ufc really has tryed to beef up the last few cards its nice. Leben will be put away by martin for sure though, you look at the last fight and starnes out striked leben(all lebens know for is his so called strike abilitys but mostly looks like a pudgy guy swings his arms wildly) and martin is a very well rounded character hes got very deadly hands and i dont see the fight being bad for martin. The Din and Spencer fight is going to be interesting spencers got fast hands and great strikers and Thomas has got an excellent ground game. Also very excited to see Pete sell and nate quarry got at it, plus luke cummo is fighting aswell his last knock out with josh haynes was a change from his last preformances, And hopefuly nate diaz gets beat up by Junior Assuncao.