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Matt Brown sez “Thanks, Obama.”

Matt Brown sez “Thanks, Obama.”

Although I’ve never met one of these people in real life, America is apparently full of people who blame Obama for this current government shutdown. And while I haven’t heard many of these people complain about the programs for needy mothers and children that have shut down, you know they’re pissed off about war monuments and vacation spots being shuttered. Oh, and The Troops not getting sports coverage. Matt Brown takes El Blacko Presidente to task for this:

“I have the highest respect for our soldiers and wish all the best for them. Apparently, Obama thinks differently. Our soldiers should be treated with respect and should not be subject to the downfalls of the American political system. It’s very disheartening to hear that our soldiers are suffering even more than usual because our politicians can not agree on anything. The last people that should suffer is them. Again, Obama thinks differently. I wish the troops the best and hope I can make a difference in getting some entertainment back to them.”

Brown had a message for Obama and his administration: “I would tell the president that he needs a reality check. He should go serve for a year in the Middle East and see firsthand what it is like to be there. Obviously, he has no clue and no empathy for these men and women.”

I can only assume this is Matt slowly ramping up on some smack talk before inevitably challenging / threatening Barack Obama, Jacob Volkmann style.

  • frickshun

    Dear Matt Brown…..PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    With Love,


  • agentsmith

    Yes, Obama is responsible for what Congress did. And he made me forget to bring a lunch today too.

  • elmmahombre

    To the author and the first two mouths. I helped facilitate the original piece.

    First of all, nice job fight linker for stealing the quote and not showing any experience by leaving Bizpacreview, the actual source, out of your pretend foray into writing. Or did you do this before your shift at the video store? No way they pay you, I’m sure. Always lazy modern liberal bums who live in Mom’s basement who are online anyway, masturbating to free porn, on an old junky windows machine, who’ll slave just to see their words on the screen and collect comments from feckless, brainless free money grubbing America haters. When was the last time you kissed a woman? Since your last favorite Libtard pres, Clinton was in office? Obama’s forcing of a terror bill against our interests and most people’s wishes is the shut down cause. He took care of his pals the whole shut down.

    Matt Brown, is a survivor, who almost died of heroin addiction and overdose, to become, literally, the owner of the biggest, hottest win streak in MMA. Who also has a smoking hot wife, cute kids, friends, cars, self respect, tons of real fans, a life, people who see him and are inspired to chase their own dreams. And he is a tough American loving patriot. If you want to be a leftist and hate your own kind, siding with those who want you dead, like Obama, and Holder and Sharpton alike, so that you can hate on a guy who would otherwise be on your side…go right ahead. But know this, we know what you are, and so do you. No sense hiding it. At least you act it out. Now go grab your box of kleenex and visit you porn. Make sure the doors closed so mom doesn’t catch you.

  • houTX

    YOUTUBE Obama deception and DO NOT watch it with a old person state of mind. meaning, OPEN your mind to things you thought MIGHT NOT be posible,akward or wrong. i would start with The Last White Hope: American Drug War easier to “swallow” that truth first, puts SOME pieces of the puzzle down for the rest of the govt corruption highlighted in the Obama Deception.

  • agentsmith

    @ elmmahombre:
    See that orange text directly above the quote? That’s called a “link”. If you left click on it with your mouse, it’ll take you directly to the source article.

    Welcome to the internets, jackass.

  • bjjatjonesfight

    who would click the links? they read blacko presidente” not bispac. of course he’s acting like brown is mad at black pres. Oh that’s inventive. smart guy. there’s also other dumb stuff on here about work nots upset for free money not coming. matt brown won’t ever see this so…and neither will anyone else. this is unknown, obscure and useless. and you just got handled too. never be back here, and only found it googling for news about possible backlash. If this is it, ha, I say immortl has you all beat.

  • Jacob Foreskin

    The stalin youth child Ryan hasnt met an anti-Obama American? What a surprise!!!!

    But really, who cares about those dumb soldiers who think bombing innocent brown people is protecting us. They’re a bunch of losers who are too afraid to get a real job and want a quick $30K. Both Obama and the soldiers are terrorists working on behalf of mega corporations.

    F them both!

  • Fitdaws

    OOh, Fightlinker is upset about Matt Browns comments, but if he was bashing President Bush you would be fine with that. Stick to the fight stories and avoid your pro liberal stance!

  • rhymezbullet

    jacob foreskin for sure you are onto something
    the guy that owns this blog is a homo Canadian socialist
    seriously man when i read his posts i get the feel he is lying ass naked on the couch and typing onto a laptop while some another homo socialist canadian with a beard is jacking off to some

  • glassjawsh

    love it when the dingbats come out in force

  • Voice of Reason

    elmmahombre your love for matt brown is a bit too faggy. And yes matt brown is stupid although I like him as a fighter.