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Matt Brown thinks he can out-wrestle GSP

Matt Brown thinks he can out-wrestle GSP

Is Matt Brown a redneck Anderson Silva? I know we just said nothing good ever comes from Spider comparisons, but the way Brown has gone from an average middle of the road fighter to a seemingly unstoppable knockout artist kinda reminds me of Silva’s transformation from just another guy in PRIDE to the best fighter in the world. It’s still too early to say what’s what in this case, but taking out Mike Pyle in 30 seconds certainly adds credence to this theory. And Matt Brown certainly believes in himself:

“I know where my wrestling stands,” Brown told Radio ( “It’s simply a matter of executing those abilities in the ring with ‘GSP.’ I can outwrestle him. I’m calling it right now.

“It sounds f—ing ridiculous, and everybody is going to laugh at me, and I know the forums, everybody’s going to talk about how I’m delusional and this and that. … I know where I’m at.”

“I don’t think [St-Pierre has] ever fought anybody that can put the kind of pressure that I put on him, and I think I can stop his takedowns,” Brown said. “His best chance is to get a takedown. People haven’t seen my wrestling. I’m training with the best wrestlers in the world right now, and I’m getting pretty damn good at it.”

Brown must come from the Chris Weidman school of confidence, where you talk your skills up for so long that by the time you finally face the champ, you completely buy your own bullshit. And like we saw with Chris Weidman, that faith in yourself lets you actually fight when other guys might freeze up. Could Brown actually fight off GSP’s wrestling? Probably not. But you know he wouldn’t stand there afraid to fight like Jake Shields.

  • brent brookhouse

    But not impossible.

    170 has always been WAY more stacked then 185 ever was.

  • armhuinnamuice

    Matt Brown is right, I do believe he is delusional and had a good laugh at his remarks.

    So Brown asked GSP ‘Where you at?’ Well the answer is obvious. WAY above you!

  • Voice of Reason

    He’s just learning from Sonnen and Weidman in that if you say enough ridiculous shit u might get a title shit. The difference is Sonne and weidman were at least contenders. Brown is 2 fights from retirement.

  • agentsmith

    How bout we see if he can beat anyone inside the top 10 first before we go talking about title shots. It’s about WHO you’ve beaten, not the length of your win streak.