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Matt Hamill swings

Matt Hamill got screwed in London, and not the way he like to be screwed. He also got screwed when the UFC booked Evans / Bisping. And when Bisping moved down to middleweight without a rematch. Both times, not the way Hamill liked to be screwed. How does Matt like to be screwed? Well, why ask me when he can tell you himself!

Yeah, there’s not many guys who ain’t down with the cool kind of threesome. However, I’m always amazed when people put this kinda stuff up in plain view, especially when they’re pseudo-celebrities. Considering Matt didn’t even tell his family he was going on The Ultimate Fighter, you’d think he’d be a little bit better at keeping secrets.

**UPDATE** How can i forget to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to jackal Atom for making us aware of this! You da man!

  • CagePotato

    ABILITY TO HEAR: Not Specified

  • Accomando

    The sounds Matt Hamill makes during threesomes have got to be disturbing.

    “…MMMerrr, dats goooodd, MMeerr…”

    I don’t know, something like that.

    Oh yeah, how in the hell did you find this, its fricken hysterical.

  • márcio

    wow… he may be deaf but he ain’t dumb.
    that chick also looks kind of hot.
    i suddenly feel much less sorry for him about the bisping loss.

  • fightlinker

    Shit, forgot to mention: jackal Atom told me about it!

  • márcio

    can’t wait till tito and jenna get a hold of this… good times!

  • Tommy

    Hey FL, if you go to mania’s site and click on the video of Sherk talking about steriods. I find it fucking hysterical to hear him bitching about being called a steriod user and right next to him is a muscle man blown up to huge proportions on roids, Cutler hits Toronto.

  • Swedish guy

    wtf is that hamill’s sister or why do they look the same?

  • fightfan

    Dont know what to make out of this one. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LR

    lol, good find.

  • Jackie Chiles

    Can we update this post further with Atom’s creepy swingers profile and the note of interest he sent to Hamill and his girl?

  • kentyman

    Loved the “ability to hear” joke, Cage.

  • Lifer

    chances of this swinger ad being fake? it’s not that i don’t want to believe…

  • stellar53

    Just wondering what Atom was doing on the swinger website in the first place….and seond, post a pic of your hot bitch

  • Brad

    I’d be interested if Matt was a hot girl and couldn’t kill me.

  • atom

    Sweet, sweet recognition.

    I don’t have a swinger’s page, but thanks for asking. I was alerted to it by a friend as well, and if seemed Jackal-worthy. Pics of my “hot bitch” will not be forthcoming (my own grape photo, maybe)

  • atom

    I was a Sherdogger before I was a Jackal. Please don’t hold it against me.

  • fightlinker

    Being a Jackal is like being a born again Christian … what happened before doesn’t matter any more, and most of don’t really change anyways past getting really obnoxious and vocal about being ‘saved’

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    If you want to be a real swinger you need a killer purple robe and pipe.

  • Ben

    Uhhh not gonna lie, I kind of feel the same way about being a Jackal. Like, okay, yeah, I still read MMA Junkie and sometimes even Sherdog, but it’s like walking by the Catholic Church and hearing them seeing. Sure, I can hear it. But I’m still heading to the Baptist Church regularly to get my Jesus groove on and have people lay hands on me.

    Actually that might be the only thing that would make FL better – if someone were touching me while I read it, instead of just doing it myself.

    If only I could find a hot, young couple that wanted to share themselves with me. Hmmm where could I find that…?

  • Ben

    “hearing them SINGING”. Fucking typo ass motherfucker.

  • Donk

    I’m up for some dp, could be good!

  • Lifer

    giving or receiving?

  • catch

    He’s the wrong age in that ad, and he’s divorced with a 6 year old daughter. A bit fishy.

  • Xavier

    Looks fake. I wonder if Bisping has been up to internet shenanigans.

  • dana

    Could it be an old webpage. He’s 31 now, so maby the page is from five or six years ago.

  • Sean

    Same girl in his Myspace photo, very similar details aswell, compelling evidence…

  • MMA Edwards

    What’s really funny is that he’s had this profile up since 2002 and none of y’alls noticed it till now. And the reaction of ‘OOOH, if you found it you must have been looking at at *sex site*’. Are you losers in high school or something?

    I’ve been looking for Matt on the sex sites I hit up, but I’m gay, so that wasn’t working out so well. LOL

  • fightlinker

    Did you find Rory Singer?

  • MMA Edwards

    LOL not my type and wrong city…so not looking for Rory. Also, he’s kind of a whining bitch, ya know?