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Matt Hughes and the Second Amendment

After a long hard day of laying cement out on the farm, there’s nothing better than going out back and shooting off your retarded .50 calibre rifle with some friends. This edition of ‘Lets blow shit up’ is brought to you by the Hughes brothers, Robbie Lawler, and Matt Pena. Continue reading for full pics.

Holy motherfucking shit … how in the name of God is that thing legal to own? How about we make a new rule: Any gun that’s bigger than a picnic table shouldn’t be legal to own by a bunch of rednecks out in Illinois. I’m actually kinda afraid of mocking Hughes now just in case he decides to shoot that thing at my house and reduce it to rubble.

  • Erin

    Jesus fuck, that’s one retardedly large gun. What are they doing, hunting dinosaurs? Between that thing and the Hummer he got for coaching Ultimate Fighter he could invade a small country.

  • Mattio

    What is left of the deer to eat after that thing ventilates it?

  • intenso

    the 2nd amendment doesn’t protect your right to hunt. It protects your right to own the weaponry necessary to overthrow your government, should that come up.

  • http://GTI TIGERTAO

    Do you know that things accurate out to about 2 miles! The .50 Round was invented by Browning in WW1 to take out tanks…
    Maybe he’s compensating for something…

  • Jonathan


    I wouldn’t fuck around with Matt Hughes anymore. I think that he can hit your house in Canada from Illinois.

    For those who do not know that is a single shot .50 BMG rifle. Guns like that are proprietary in their make-up. That thing can probably shoot close to 2 miles and is mainly used for anti-vehicle and/or anti-installation operations on the battlefield. i.e. you need to take out a radar dish or destroy the engine block of a car…you hit it with that. Also, that is a very effective anti-personnel rifle when used by a sniper on the battlefield, since the large diameter of the bullet and the makeup in which it fires destroys ALOT of tissue/bone and what not.

    I believe that it is illegal to hunt with a .50 caliber centerfire cartridge most everywhere in America. Yes, there are laws restricting how big of and what kind of gun one can use to hunt all of the different types of game. Hence forth, no one is using, say, a Hellfire missile to kill mountain goats.

    But unless you have gone out and shot firearms for fun (i.e. shooting at metal silhouettes and whatnot) don’t knock it, because many people find it fun.

  • fightlinker

    Hell, there’s 1000s of illegal things that are fun but that are also illegal. Owning a gun that can destroy cars at 2 miles should be one of them :-p

  • intenso

    you’d like that, wouldn’t you. Then Canada could invade America.

  • fightlinker

    We already did way back … burned down the white house and all that crap.

  • Jonathan

    Wait just a minute Ryan. Owning that gun ISN’T illegal. You have to get a Special Weapons permit from the Bureau if Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and register it with your state, but it is perfectly legal to own.

  • Jonathan

    And each cartridge that they fire probably cost between $5.00 — $10.00 each.

  • Jake

    He knows it’s not illegal. That’s what freaks us the fuck out. Not that Canadians aren’t nutty about guns. There’s one gun for every 4 Canadians, which is saying a lot. The only difference is that 90% of those guns are simple hunting rifles and shotguns. The .50 is not considered a recreational weapon. It fact, the weapon was eventually used in the F-86 Fabre for god’s sake! You’ll be hard pressed to find any Canadian comfortable with the idea of their neighbor owning one of these puppies.

  • intenso

    That’s the point, the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting.

    And anyway, a handgun is far more dangerous than this monster.

  • Fred

    fightlinker: do you really have a problem with Hughes shooting guns, or are you just trolling? :) It’s hard to tell. I can think of a lot of other people/groups to be derisive about (when it comes to guns) rather than a UFC fighter from Illinois using and enjoying his own property.

    Some of you really need to wake up.

  • Jake

    The framers of the Constitution thought that guns were a sure fire way to oppose a potentially repressive government from effecting too much control over an individual, by maintaining a certain degree of fear from their constituents. Even though they lived during the Enlightenment, few at the time considered the issue of human right a very important and noteworthy issue. Raw power was the only think to be concerned with. Since their time, however, the methods of destruction have reached a point where this idea is no longer desirable. I don’t oppose people owning conventional weapons for the purpose of hunting. But if you want to effect change in government using violence, in my mind that is nothing more than terrorism. Although sometimes the use of force is necessary, the truth is that we luckily live in an age when political action can be a far more effective tool for change then a .50 calibre.

  • intenso

    Jake…we live an age where political action can be a more effective tool than a gun but things change. The US Constitution is an amazing document. Regardless of the level of weapon technology at the time it was written, the idea is still a good one.

    Of course people should be able to own guns to hunt. Who would even dispute that. People should also be able to own weapons to protect themselves from their neighbors, their government, other governments, Canadians, and space aliens.

  • fightlinker

    Or in Hughes’ case … an army of tanks.

    I’m not about to preach either way on the whole right to bear arms or arm bears or whatever Americans want to do. But when some dude owns a 6 foot long gun that shoots further than 2 miles, I’m gonna make fun of it. And that’s MY RIGHT ;-) God Bless America.

  • intenso

    everybody should make fun of Matt Hughes

  • GonzoDamon

    My buddy instantly recognized that as the sniper rifle that he used in Iraq & Pakistan to take out insurgents, especially insurgent snipers. Normal sniper rifles just won’t do in the arid climates of those two countries, the dry air effects their trajectory too much to be accurate, particularly at the long distances necessary for anti-sniping.

    It is quite disgusting what those .50 rifles do to a human being. I remember watching a video on of this big bastard in action against insurgents. The camera would focus on an area, and no matter how hard you tried, you could not make out their intended target from that distance, and then there would be a huge splatter. At the best of times, you would just see human bits and pieces flying through the air – at the worst of times, you could actually make out what body part just got sent flying from it’s dead owner. The sound of the gun shot would come a couple of seconds after the carnage. It was quite a horrid thing to watch.

  • GonzoDamon

    Here’s the video if anyone wants to see the carnage. REMEMBER THAT I WARNED YOU!! If you have a weak stomach, DO NOT WATCH!!!

  • JohnMatrix

    Just wanted to add, this weapon kicks ass in Call of Duty 4. I’m a terrible sniper but the 50 cal rocks in the game.

  • http://TCM Jester

    I have a .50 handgun, fun as shit to shoot.

  • fightgeek

    Those are clips of varmint shooting with a .50 Barret Single, in Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming a few summers ago. Thank You though, it was a hard shot to make at just over a mile!