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Matt Hughes discusses his kiss with BJ Penn

Sooner or later I should start trawling Youtube for videos myself because I always feel dirty getting them sloppy seconds style from MMA Fever.

  • MMA Fever

    Anytime dude!

    I just caught Imes Gogo on video a few minutes ago.

  • fightlinker

    you are the youtube mastah. I bow to your l33tness

  • ironicsumo

    oh my… i just spent the last 3 minutes rolling around the floor laughing my ass off okok now time to regain my composure back to work

  • Lifer

    this video made me question my sexuality like 5 times.

  • intenso

    isn’t lolfaget humor a little below us here at FL?

    who’s with me?

  • operator

    Hilarious. The first time I saw the kiss I thought it was disrespectful on BJ’s part but after seeing the slow mo it seems like Matt didn’t mind at all. Then they had their man embrace which was touching but not as much love as the BJ, Pulver 2 embrace. BJ seems to get a little too excited after a win and likes to smother his opponent with man love.

  • fightlinker

    intenso, this site is all about low brow homo humor. You’re officially the worst cult member ever!

  • intenso

    I thought we were all about highbrow homo humor.

    oh well, the checks in the mail.

  • Lifer

    he means cheque.

  • stellar53

    Inteso is just jealous, he was hoping Matt Hughes would give him the nickname “BJ”

  • Swedish guy

    They both have awesome gay porn names, BJ Penis and Matt Huge. Great.

  • fightlinker

    Fuck, I’m glad the other readers are picking up kentyman’s slack lately ;-)

  • Mr. Theplague

    Later that night Matt gave BJ the best rear naked of his life, then kept him in guard until they both fell asleep.

  • Ted Dibiase

    no Lifer, he meant czech.

  • Mobb Deep

    I’d like to see BJ try that shit with Heath Herring.

  • ajadoniz

    i dont have eyebrows, so fuck it. i enjoyed it.

  • Wu Tang

    I swear that is one funny video. Thought it was one of fighter linkers’ special, but it wasnt, still, fucken hilarious!

  • kentyman

    Swedish guy and Mr. Theplague are gonna have to pick up the slack a while longer. Still not feeling it.

    Maybe I can blame it on staph?

  • shanaconda

    I missed this, someone must have recorded it for posterity. I must see it…. Help!!!