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Matt Hughes is verbose

This is the most awesome Matt Hughes interview ever.


Go check this out.


If you didn’t think Matt Hughes was the biggest prick in the universe before, then you certainly will after this.

  • Lifer

    Unless you can directly quote my insult against the french and that time I said Canadians don’t have warrior spirits I’m not interested in your question. Next?

  • johnny

    he was actually kinda verbose in that interview

    he was a bit of a prick in the beginning but then was more “normal” in the later part

    I have to tip my hat to Matt Hugher though.

    I mean, the guy trains, runs a business, does press interviews and all. How he finds to time burn cross on lawns, with that busy schedule, is beyond me

  • Lifer

    I think his amazing amount of denial regarding his loss to GSP, not watching the footage, not even being able to talk about it or answer questions about it, and not even being able to HYPOTHESIZE why he may have lost the fight points towards another fantastic loss coming up December 29th.

    What’s up with his aversion to watching footage that will help him win? His personality type really seems to play into the whole blind faith in religion as well.

  • johnny

    it’s pretty simple answer, Lifer.

    he is a stubborn narcissist

  • ACanadianPotHead

    maybe Im just a stoner Canadian, but Im not getting a link to watch the vid. When I click on the link right below the picture, it bring me to a page without any video.

  • fightlinker

    You should see a little audio applet. No video

  • The Original Rush

    No Matt Hughes fan here, but I didn’t notice the dickness in this interview.

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Fuck, still nothing. The links I click on arent getting me anywhere’s.

    Fuck salt!!!!!!!!!

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Thanks anyways.

  • groda

    Hughes not reviewing his last fight with GSP is just mindblowingly stupid. That video must be the single most relevant piece of information when it comes to creating a game plan.

    The gods of mma will punish Hughes for his awful christian heresies.

  • Mobb Deep

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, next post.

  • matt(tapout name shitstain)

    Guy: Matt, do you care to elaborate?

    Matt: No and fuck you while i’m at it. Thanks

  • Zurich

    Wow, Hughes is a real prick to Brits and Canadians. “…and where are you from?” “Canada” “Ah..”. Nothing I’d love more than to see Hughes get his head knocked off by GSP in Montreal…

  • Leland Roling

    Christ, he was a fucking prick. LOL, I mean, it’s blatant.

    The first flurry of questions, he seemed pissed about everything. No review of his past fight, ok, but this interview was reminiscent of the Brian Urlacher interview in Chicago regarding his back injury in which he only said “No” and “It’s not a problem” to nearly every single question. He was RIPPED in the media here, and this interview is pretty bad at the beginning and if the UFC was mainstream, lol, wow.

  • Terrence Halladay

    how about some quotes? I don’t have time to listen to that idiot in an audio interview. post some quotes please

  • kentyman

    DUDE: Matt, you’ve spoken very highly of Georges St. Pierre, which is very different than the last time you guys fought. What’s happened in the interim?

    MATT: Uh, I don’t know that I’ve ever talked badly about Georges. You can either refresh my memory or ask me a new question.

    DUDE: Uh, no, I mean there was–

    MATT (interupting): Where you from again?

    DUDE: Sowrry, I’m from Canada.

    MATT: OK.

    DUDE: You made some comments about the French, if I remember correctly.

    MATT (sarcastically): Oh was that against Georges personally?

  • matt(tapout name shitstain)

    Matt likes to eat a giant plate of freedom fries before his fights.

  • kentyman

    I saw him eat a whole bale of hay once.

  • suspiria

    one time my 8 year old nephew and I met Matt Hughes at an event in Las Vegas.all my nephew did was ask for Matt’s autograph.then Matt just kinda stared at him for a moment, bent down a little, put his hand on my nephews shoulder and sucker punched him in the gut.just because he was wearing a t-shirt that said”viva la france”

  • kentyman

    …and then Matt immediately pretended your nephew kicked him in the nards.

  • Marco9690

    Matt is a fighter, not a politician
    Matt is a fighter, not an ambassador
    Matt is a fighter, not responsible for making Canada feel better about themselves
    Matt is a fighter, and probably a terrible farmer
    Matt is at times an asshole, but always a toughfuckinfighter…..

    WAR HUGHES!!!!

  • Marco9690

    PS, I wouldn’t take my kids to Vegas til they’re old enough to defend themselves….. “Sin City”… if you’re worried about their treatment, take them to Disneyland….seriously

  • Geoffr0y

    lol, We got through 20+ comments before an actual Hughes fan showed up, and even then the guy is blatantly stupid enough to take ~suspiria~ seriosly. Ha Ha Ha. Gorgeous George is gunna remove Matts head from his non-existent neck. Props to Canadian fighters everywhere!!

  • márcio

    i hate everything this guy stands for but on the other hand he’s just so unintentionally funny… i cant stop myself liking him a bit.

    ps: still hope gsp kicks he’s ass again.

  • igorpunck

    that’s great! but, any of you fagots watch Celebrity Apprentice w Ortiz? How is he doin?

  • igorpunck

    PS. Good interview, but i want to hear him after George destroys his farmer ass at the ring the second time.

  • dignan

    Matt’s a fucking axe-gash as big as Kalib Starnes.

  • igorpunck

    Fer fuck sake!!
    Youy should check out Starnes in early WEC, the dude was a machine. Lay off a canadian brother!

  • Accomando

    Everyone, get ready for a high level wrestling match thats about to take place between Hughes and GSP.

    Fight 1: Hughes won the Jui Jitsu contest

    Fight 2: GSP barely took the striking contest, even admitting after the fight…

    “…You caught me matt, I know I kicked yur hed off, but you punched me once, and it kinda hurt, keep yur head up…”

    Fight 3: Wrestling contest, no winner yet determined.

    While Hughes has the wrestling credentials; high school champ, college All American, twin brother. GSP has the size advantage, and would definitely not wrestle in Matt’s weight class, but this is MMA, there are no weight classes for wrestling matches here.

    It’s a wash, we’ll see who can pull of a better whizzer in this fight to end all Hughes/GSP fights.

  • matt(tapout name shitstain)

    I’m a hughes fan and I know he’s a giant dick.

  • RoB

    Accomando: the striking really wasnt that close. i think gsp was just trying to make him feel better, kinda like a…. 2..4..6..8.. who do we appreciate? MATTTT HUGHEs!!!

  • marco9690

    yeah, Geoff, knew the Vegas reference was a joke…thanks….I like this sight for the irrevernce, but all the “Oh Canada,” and everything else sucks attitude gets a bit old…. I’m a 1st gen American but I leave all the USA USA USA chanting out of my MMA opinions and see the fighters individually…. except Huerta, that’s a bad fuckin’ homey..
    WAR HUGHES + WAR HUERTA = corn tortillas mal, muy bien

  • Ted Dibiase

    hughes will get out wrestled like kos and get whooped in the stand up. matt will wrestle enuff to make it a decision. a decision for GSP.

  • Goldwater

    I have to agree with Serra – the guy is a dick.

  • kentyman

    #30: Is that why you named yourself after him?

    The tapout name part, of course.

  • Ason
  • Accomando

    Rob, I know, GSP, ONLY got hit once, and if you watch it close, you can actually see that Hughes did hurt him, but barely, he shook it off quick, I was just surprised that GSP even said that to him right after the fight.

    When one looks at Hughes/GSP II in its entirety, you will see one of the most lopsided Title Fights in UFC history, save only, Arlovski/Buentello, which was the MOST pathetic title fight of all time on the most pathetic PPV of all time, what a fuckin’ waste of money that was.

  • Mike_N

    I’m only 90 seconds into the interview and I already hope that St. Pierre breaks his nose and knocks out a few of his teeth.

  • Mike_N

    Accomando, I hope you didn’t spend any money on UFC 55; if you did, I think you’re well within your rights to ask for a refund.

  • Accomando

    Mike, I was cursing Dana White after that, was a piss poor PPV that was, worst ever.

    I mean, the Buentello/Arlovski phantom punch made you forget about seeing Alessio Sakara get kicked in the balls so hard he couldn’t continue or the fact that you had to watch Elvis “the King OF Rock and Rumble” Sinosic being used as UFC cannon fodder yet again, just boring and pathetic really.

  • dragomort

    I’m disapointed that his breakfast before the fight wasn’t discussed more in depth. :( From what I understand he didn’t even mention Xyience bars!