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Mau5 Martial Arts

So that Deadmau5 video came out today and even with the UFC logo plastered all over it, it’s more of a Real Steel rip-off with two big Deadmaus robots duking it out. Perhaps a catchweight fight can be arranged against Cleatus the FOX Sports Robot? If you keep your eyes peeled you can catch glimpses of Arianny strutting her ring girl stuff around their Thunderdome. No Bruce Buffer announcing things, but I kinda dug the guy they brought in. If Bruce starts messing with his ‘It’s time!’ catchphrase again, we now have a go to replacement.

  • G Funk

    PenixXx loves this

  • Reverend Clint

    serious question for penix or jawsh… how is this any different than House or Techno?

  • Blackula Jonez

    What does this even mean?

  • jackalmiller

    I must live under a rock becuase I dont get this. What the hell is this? Everybody on youtube loves it. WTF?

  • sharaab

    speaking as a professional that makes their living in the music industry, this is god awful. if you want to torture yourself, however, go to YouTube and search “hardstyle”. you’ll want to stab your ears out. you’ve been warned.

  • G Funk

    It’s really the singing that makes it bad. The instrumental version doesn’t suck as much.