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Mayhem Miller does a killer Hendo impression

Here’s some good ol’ Mayhem action from … uh … I dunno exactly when it was, but it was at the Icon event where Frank Trigg and Robbie Lawler fought and just before Mayhem went to the WEC.

  • garth

    mayhem is a freak, i love that guy.
    did anyone else see the guy on the ESPN world series of poker coverage who dyed a red streak in his hair in support of mayhem? one of the poker commentators called it as i was looking at the dude thinking “could that be mayhem-related?”

  • kentyman

    “…frickin’ sloppy, tired slobberknocker!”

  • garth

    anyone else get a load of Count Douchebag’s statement? It made me want to punch a baby.

  • kentyman

    Yeah, where’s my carving knife? :)

  • Thomas

    Mayhem is great. Have you guys seen his video making fun of the TAPOUT dudes. HILARIOUS
    Hopefully he’s coming to a UFC pre-fight hype video clip near you.

  • Hywel Teague

    hahah awesome :D