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Mayhem Miller’s Man Laws

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller shows up on to deliver seven entertaining man-laws. If this is a prep for his own book on how to be enlightened or survive the apocalypse, consider me sold.

Just because you have a support system, doesn’t mean you need to use it for every little stumble you have. I infamously lived in a van outside a California gym for a year (remember, Tito didn’t pay me). Sure, I could’ve called my daddy and got him to cosign on a lease on some cruddy apartment. But I refused to admit to him that maybe I should have went to computer school.

Relying only on yourself will forge you into a Hattori Hanzo blade that can chop the head off of any foe that stands before you. Sure you’ve got the chips stacked against you. Your name doesn’t begin with “Kim Jong” so you probably don’t have any clout, power, or two cents to rub together, but that just means you have nothing to lose.

  • Remico

    We’ve now just listened to a white heterosexual male in America talking about prospering while “having the chips stacked against him”.

  • kvelertak

    times are tuf for errr body.

    but my thing is… Mayhem is a lazy fuck who isn’t even good at his job.  He showed up gassed for his biggest fight and looked like a fool. He made it big by being a jackass spinoff for MTV. Kudos to him for securing some coin, but I don’t really respect him.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Remico wins the internet for today.

  • Giallo

    I fully enjoyed the first paragraph or two

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    haha, Remico is right, you have to try really hard or have a mental disorder to be homeless in America.

  • Omomatta

    If I only had a penny for every time my Dad told me I should go to “computer school”.

  • vecuccio

    Mayhem is extraordinarily skilled at submission fighting, but like the other fella says; he is a lazy f**k. For a man who went the distance with GSP, he wastes and betrays his talent.

  • Tayane

    Xanino or whatever your names is, you don’t have a fcnuikg clue what you are talking about why don’t you sit at home (probably in your basement) while all the real MMA fans watch the fight of the century then you can secretly watch it on the net after you know what the result is as you are probably too tight to ppv it!

  • avvfqdwrb

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