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Meanwhile on Fear Factor…

I was pretty excited for Fear Factor to restart because it seemed like the producers were taking things to the next level in terms of dangerous stunts and gross crap people had to eat. After the first episode things lost their luster as you can only watch several teams do the same stunt over and over again for so long before it starts to get hella dull. But I was totally going to watch the donkey semen episode, just because … well … people! Drinking donkey semen! That’s the kind of thing you normally have to travel to Mexico and pay for! Unfortunately:

Donkey semen will not be served on network TV tomorrow night — the”Fear Factor” episode featuring the stunt has been yanked … at least according to a website where NBC posts its media releases.

The controversial episode is entitled, “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” An NBC media release teased it by saying the contestants will eat “the unimaginable.”

But the NBC website no longer lists that episode as airing tomorrow … and instead lists a repeat of an episode entitled “Snake Bite” — which first aired on January 2.

We also checked two channel guides — one in LA and one in NYC — and both now list the repeat instead of the one with the donkey semen stunt. Additionally, promos for the episode are no longer posted anywhere on the Internet.

This reminds me of the time The Ultimate Fighter cut a pee-drinking incident out of their show. That was the week after another contestant allegedly jizzed in the other team’s food. So just in case you’re keeping score, The Ultimate Fighter is still grosser than Fear Factor.

  • Reverend Clint

    i bet half the contestants have gargled with a load before

  • glassjawsh

    none of this means anything as long as derek is still being a welching bitch about drinking his pee

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Is this about Derek drinking semen to make up for welching on the piss bet?

  • CAP

    I thought they just cut the scene where they filled the glasses. Oh well, Soobo is the Ultimate Welching Chumpion. What a loser.

  • noiseless

    hoooly shit, i’m fine with being broke now.

  • G Funk

    That glass of witbier looks a bit thick, but delicious.

  • P W

    It’s also a well known fact that donkeys are smarter,  more hard-working, and a hell of a lot better kickers than your random TUF contestant.

  • Dominic

    This article leads me to one rather important question. How did they get it? I hope those people who were charged with the job of getting donkey semen were paid extremely well. I’m sure that was not easy at all.



    Some of the things they show on Fear Factor 24×7 are pretty bad and it makes you wonder why the show is even allowed to do the things they do.

  • iamphoenix

    steve-o already drank semen and other jackass dudes already ate shit before so it’s not like this kind of stuff hasn’t been on tv before.