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Merry Christmas

To all the readers and commenters who have made this site such a success, I wish you all a merry Christmas! If you all weren’t so supportive, there’s a somewhat decent chance that I wouldn’t spend quite as much time on this site as I do now. I don’t know many sites that have as vocal of a crowd as we do, and I just wanted to give props … half of the good stuff actually comes out of the comments section, which is awesome.

That’s the last time for a while I’m going to encourage you jackals, so enjoy it!

As for ‘stuff’ … we’ll be updating the site sometime this afternoon with more posts, and I’m going to try and shake Jake out of an eggnog induced stupor to record a Low Blow for you all tonight. Till then, go open some presents or something!

**UPDATE** Oh yeah, and as always the Links section of the site is always up to date with the best MMA articles across the internet. Over 20 new articles added just this morning. So go take a look at that if you’re starved for fresh MMA info.

  • márcio

    Merry Christmas fightlinker, thanks for being the most fun site on mma. There’s always need for someone to say to a bunch of fighters and promoters how much they suck and you are doing a hell of a job.

  • Swedish guy

    Yeah you guys are doing a hell of a job keeping us guys entertained. Merry christmas, hanukka, kwanzaa, holidays or whatever.

  • charles

    Happy Kwanzaa, fightlinker.

  • Higgz

    HALF of the good stuff? Way to give yourself a compliment you narcissistic ass!! hahaha Merry Christmas….Do you celebrate Christmas in Canada?

    And seriously, thanks for giving us somewhere to post other than the Shergay Forums. I honestly wouldn’t mind if you shill out for add space so you could get a little compensation for all that you do.

    Now, back to the sandwhich method…YOU SUCK!!!

  • bmiller

    merry christmas fightlinker.

    dont shoot your eye out

  • Zurich

    Merry Christmas! And I love that the funniest guy on the net is also a fellow Canadian… it gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling as when GSP kicked Hughes’ head in (is that wrong?).

  • Mike

    Yes, it’s Hughes’s….

    This holiday season I’m thankful for grapes and sexiness.

  • beewheezy

    i just found this site last night, just going through the archives is the best present i’ve gotten!

  • Toxie

    I celebrate Cheezemus….

  • dulljake

    beewheezy, be sure to check out the radioshow. not to be missed

  • kentyman

    Where are we supposed to send our questions to? Do we just ask them in this thread?

    No, I will not let it go. Happy Festivus, bitches.

  • Dangerfield

    Merry Christmas
    What is it they celebrate in Canadia?

  • kentyman

    Pearl Harbour Day.

  • dignan

    Merry Christmas you French-Anglo fuck.

    Thanks for the great site, you Pepsi.

  • dulljake

    only i am a pepsi/ anglo-french fuck. Ryan is actually a filthy Mic/Aussie

  • matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Merry christmas you fucks. Jackal….OUT

  • Mobb Deep

    Merry Christmas you dirty separatists. Vive Ryan, Vive, Jake, Vive Le Fightlinker!

  • operator

    This is the best site hands down and the link section also kicks ass by the way.

  • j

    thanks for your funny perspective on mma.

  • Toxie

    I don’t know guys….that Sherdog fourm is pretty revolutionary itself.

  • Tommy

    Merry Christmas Ryan and Jake.

  • jiujitsu365

    Happy Holidays FL.

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    samey same, kung pow sucky sucky.

  • shanaconda

    The centre of the MF-ing MMA universe
    actually i don’t know if centre of the universe is a very meaningful term, let’s go with centre of the galaxy!!!