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Mess with Vitor, mess with Vitor’s wife

TUF’s tradition of cancelled coach fights continues across international lines as Vitor Belfort managed to break his hand leading up to next month’s UFC 147 fight with Wanderlei Silva. Wandy was not impressed and let rip on twitter:

“(Fighting me) with one hand (laughs)? We are professionals. It’s a great irresponsibility not to be careful on training, a great disrespect towards the fans. I’m really sad. I’m ready to knock you out, you have nowhere to run. This fight is happening. I guess you got scared of me. Nobody trains so hard that breaks his hand. We use the best equipments, gloves, bandages”, affirmed the coach of the blue team at TUF, who complemented.

“If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it. If you really got it broken, it’s amateurism and if you didn’t, you’re scared. In both scenarios, it was irresponsible of you towards the fans. Pardon the word, but I’m pissed with your amateurism. A main event on the biggest event of the world and the guy shows up like that”.

Vitor responded by keeping things on the pious, boring high road. Boo that, man! Fortunately, in this case his wife and model / professional teenage boy arouser  Joana Prado did the fighting for him:

The only thing Wanderlei can do is talk too much, he chickened out several times on fighting Vitor… and now he comes to talk my husband is ducking. If you doubt, the next opponent of Wand in UFC147 will beat the record of 40 sec of vitor Belfort or Chris Leben 20 seconds hahahaha

Still no word on who will replace Vitor but perhaps an opponent will emerge from the ongoing war of words that will satisfy the need for a hot blooded grudge match of epic proportions in Brazil. There’s enough of them out there after all.

  • ButtHorn

    She looka lika mann.

    But fat chance of telling the men from the chicks in brazil.

  • Reverend Clint

    UFC 147 wandy vs mayhem… fan boy edition

  • ButtHorn

    “UFC 147 has to be the worst card eva. “

    Which is standard issue for UFC cards these days.

    Almost every UFC card seems to be at least 70% filler.

    146 was flookish, and I’m still wondering why I was coerced to consider Shane Del Rosario main card material for 8 minutes while Texiera wasn’t even shown in between KO’s.

    Thank Jebus I never pay for the fucking things.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah ufc 147 sucks so bad the wiki page has almost zero info


    Mouthy broad should keep her yap shut.

  • Remico

    Transvestites aside Wand is pretty fucking stupid for thinking anybody is ducking him. At this point Shibo could knock him out.

  • drunkenjunk

    i’m kinda glad this fight isn’t happening. I didn’t want to see one of my favorite fighters when I was growing up, get killed in the cage.

  • Giallo

    stupid cunt

  • G Funk

    Cyborg is gonna whoop Wandy’s ass.

  • thingvolds

    wandy is correct.

    i would like to take this comment to remind everyone about my stance on injuries during training, a stance i have been posting on mma boards for many years, most recently in reference to gsp’s double knee injuries.  the attitude that “he got injured training, what can you do, it happens” is bullshit.  there’s a reason why certain guys constantly get injured in training and certain guys rarely if ever suffer serious injuries during training.  it’s not just bad luck like these guys or promoters want you to believe. 

    vitor has broken his hand multiple times.  he has broken his hand during fights also.  he should have this fucking problem sorted out by now or he should consider retiring.

    i take wandy’s word over vitor’s in this case.  wandy is a guy who has fought half his career fucked up in one way or another.

  • Tesfaye

    This is nothing but links to the good guys and rfeuse to talk with the author. In short, no real information and links. Not good for Kindle. Not even good for free. Find a better blog / MAG for MMA news.