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MFT3K : Rani Yahya vs Kid Yamamoto

  • kentyman

    Good stuff, keep it comin’.

    I don’t remember hearing anything about K-1 banning kicks to downed opponents. I think that was just for Yarennoka!.

    Oh, and if yellow cards work the same way as in Pride, I think they’re only 10% of your purse each time.

    And it’s “true dat”, not “true that”. :)

  • godzillad

    #1 STFU

    Adam and Jake: MOAR. NOW.

  • kentyman

    It’s Ryan and Jake, you fucktard.

  • Ben

    Eh Canadians all look the same to me.

  • fightlinker

    Hmmm … Adam. I like the sound of that ;-)

  • Jemaleddin

    Nice GSP impression. Too bad 2 boys 1 cup couldn’t have featured GSP commentary…

  • Zurich

    Was that Ryan who did a bang-on impression of GSP? Or is it just that GSP sounds like every-other francophone in Montreal?

  • fightlinker

    We can both do a pretty good one, but Jake is the expert. Check out the Nov 26th Low Blow to hear a GSP skit at the beginning

  • Atom

    “Hmmm … Adam. I like the sound of that”

  • outside your window

    I’m naked and I approve of this video.

  • vess

    Who is the tool who said that the first round was even in NAmerica? C’mon that was a Kid demolition. Nonetheless, good commentary.

  • bmiller

    can u guys do a full radio show of nothing but matt serra and gsp talking about there up coming fight against eachother or whatever would be funny to talk about?? great show

  • dulljake

    the only problem with that is that I’m the one who does both voices! Ryan isn’t exactly skilled at voicework you see…

  • Archivist

    I chuckled through most of it, like your first installment. Good stuff, keep it coming.

  • dragomort

    Keep up the good work on this stuff. We like it very much!