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Michael Bisping: “Belcher was looking for a way out”


Get it? LOOKING for a way out?

Just in case you were about to accept Michael Bisping for the loveable, accented villain he’s always wanted be, get ready to step back onto the pure hate train.  In case you missed the post-fight press conference, Bisping seemed to be pretty respectful of his downed opponent, all things considered:

Leading into the fight obviously there was a lot of talk.  I have respect for Alan Belcher.  He’s been around a long time… he’s a very good opponent.  I’ve just gotta do what I’ve gotta do to prepare mentally, and try (to) put doubt in his mind, and that’s all it was.  I’ve got nothing against him, nothing but respect for him.  To be honest trash talk isn’t what’s important.  What’s important is going out there putting on good performances, and ultimately winning fights.

But he couldn’t just let it rest there, and came out with some classic Count:

I could read all his movements, he seemed quite slow to me…  I think, you know, he laid on the floor a little bit, I think, maybe.  Who knows?  I think maybe he looked for a way out.  But I was happy with everything.

Unfortunately Belcher wasn’t at the press conference to address what Bisping said about looking for a way out.  You know, because he was at the hospital trying to find out if his fight career was over, or if he’d be blind in one eye for the rest of his life.

(photo via Brad Penner, USA Today)

  • kwagnuth

    What’s the word on Belcher anyway.

  • Kiki McGraw

    Bloody Elbow had the stitch count at “over a dozen.” Belcher’s own Twitter had 8 stitches in the eyelid.

  • Letibleu

    I was starting to like Bisping. I am happy he went full douche again because I prefer disliking him as a person.

    He is the best gate keeper the UK ever produced

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    I fucking hate Michael Bisping. And I am English, so there can be no charge of xenophobia (unless you factor in the fact that he was born in Cyprus so is therefore a dirty Greek-Cypriot monkey fucker).

    But I hate Kiki McGraw more, because at least I’m only exposed to Bisping 2 or 3 times a year rather than seemingly every mother-fucking day.

  • Edwin Hardinmeyer

    I am British and always get burned for supporting this wanker.This is the last time i rally behind his disrespectful nonsense.He won it wasn’t enough ?

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I’m sure Jorge Rivera was just “looking for a way out” too when he took a knee to the face from Bisping while on the ground. The ref missed that one though, so it didn’t work for him.

    Now that I think about it, Cory Hill was also “looking for a way out” when he Pele’d his leg into pieces just to avoid having to risk a possible decision loss. Devious, yet brilliant!

  • Reverend Clint

    Dont forget tim sylvia breaking his own arm to get out of fighting frank mir

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    That’s true Clint.

    I also remember the time that Patrick Cote blew his own knee out just to get out of fighting Anderson Silva. Wait…that last one actually kind of happened.