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Michael Jackson loves cagefighting

Y’all might be surprised to know that Michael Jackson is a fan of the UFC, but as a guy who knows all the lyrics to ‘Beat It’ by heart, I’d say it makes a fair amount of sense. Well, as much sense as anything makes when you’re talking about Michael Jackson. The above picture is indeed ‘Wacko Jacko’ at the UFC, provided by TMZ under the nauseating headline “Jacko Enjoys Smacko Through Cracko” – which is even worse than my last Wanderlei Silva post.

Michael Jackson is already thrusting his face back into the Las Vegas spotlight … two inches of forehead at a time.

Jacko hit the Ultimate Fighting Championship match at the MGM Grand Saturday night, clad in his finest burka-ish ensemble. That’s not a typo — Michael Jackson enjoys cage fighting!

Jackson is just the latest unlikely person to enjoy mixed martial arts … they showed off Hillary Duff again (ZOMG did you know that GSP was also in Vegas this weekend???), and didn’t they show that weasel Cris Angel in the past too? Fuck, I know there’s a ton of other odd celebs that love MMA. Little help, people?

  • crs

    Wow, Michael Jackson is going to events dressed like an Islamic woman now? And they said UFC’s popularity already peaked….

  • EdenMachine

    “Hillary Duff”? I thought is was Mandy Moore with the GSP crush?

  • crs

    I heard MJ used to re-enact the You Are Not Alone music video with Machida after supplying him with Jesus Juice when he stayed over at the Neverland Ranch 15 years ago. Confirm? Deny?

  • #1 Jackal

    Michael Clarke Duncan
    Al Roker
    Mike Tyson
    Cindy Crawford
    Hulk Hogan and daughter
    Slyvester Stallone
    David Spade
    Bruce Lee Daughter
    Chuck Norris
    Dana White
    try to think of more later

  • Alex

    I like ufc too. you can get an exclusive on the story if you want

  • Alex

    Oh by the way that donna chick from that 70s show was with david spade at ufc 84

  • #1 Jackal

    kevin james

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Kevin Smith
    That 70’s show cast
    That italian guy with the gloves and leather jacket
    Ken Griffey Jr
    Roy Jones Jr
    The Transporter
    Dat Nigga Named Luda
    The chick from Natural Born Killers

  • fightlinker

    Was it Duff or Moore who was at Saturday’s UFC? They’re all the same to me as far as I’m concerned

  • Wu Tang

    Also Kevin Bacon. Did you know hes jewish!

  • Mark

    Mandy moore was definitely there. She’s always there. They showed her on PPV. Don’t know about Duff.

  • clint notestine

    if MJ is a fan I’m never watching MMA ever again.

  • Sauce

    Jason Statham is usually at every event.

  • Mobb Deep

    Little known fact: Jean Claude Van Damme is dating one of the world’s greatest fighters.

  • Marco9690

    3 months income to see MJ tossed into the cage with a drunken Chris Leban,


    Michael Vick

  • clint notestine

    Van Dame is dating Fedor? That explains a lot.

  • MMA-Elite

    He must have been there to learn a few moves from Machida.

  • http://TCM Jester

    3 months income for mike vick is like .17 cents.

  • Dangerfield

    well 3 months income for mike vick really depends on if his dogs win or lose.

  • kentyman

    PYT FTW!

  • Tertio

    Man post something else. Anything. I find this picture repulsive for some reason.

  • cyph

    Mandy Moore is cute. Hillary Duff, not so much. It was definitely Mandy Moore at UFC 84.

  • asdfasd

    MJ was there to learn how to be ‘elusive’ from Machida!!!

  • pillow

    Laura Prepon, the That 70s Show chick, is a scientologist.

    but she is kind of cute

  • MarleyMarl

    Is this for real, or just another conspiracy theory lol?

  • garth

    laura prepon has neato mommybags.

  • clint notestine

    MJ certainly likes to watch sweaty men, young men.

  • rickards

    yes clint notestine,

    when MJ was 20 years old, BJ was just coming out of his mom’s vagina..

  • Amy

    chuck zito
    juliette lewis
    floyd mayweather
    jason statham
    adam sandler

  • kentyman

    Jaime Pressly