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MiddleEasy googles fighters

All of these are true

This has to be one of the funniest and most telling things I’ve seen in a while. The people have spoken via google.

Props to

I can’t argue with any of these

I guess Paul Daley is a little less (un)popular than Josh

  • Boog

    To my complete lack of surprise, the first result for GSP was “GSP is….hot”

    A lot of those demonstrated the lowest common denominator aspect of the internet. ie. the overuse of “douche”, Dana White being “jewish” or “a jew” “a fag”.

    My other favourites though:

    BJ Penn is….korean (wtf?)
    most of Chuck’s
    GSP is….not impressed
    GSP is….afraid of aliens
    Jon Jones is….a snitch (wtf?)
    Shane Carwin is….not 6’5″


    haha yeah saw this on the easy, pretty funny.

  • Reverend Clint

    BJ Penn is half Korean

  • Tanhauser

    I really hate most mma fan.

    Silva is the best!

    Fuck Sonnen and fuck America!

  • Gina’s boy toy

    A lot of hating huh?

  • scissors61

    Better to be thought a jerk than proven a cheater. Sonnen pissed hot for PEDs:
    War Silva

  • subo

    Daley’s + the fact (confirmed by ME commenters) that Josh Barnett’s doesn’t exist = :-D