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Middleweight tournament?

The hot topic on everyone’s mind right now is who’s next for the Spider. And Dana White has been pretty mum on the subject, other than calling reports that Anderson wanted Luke Rockhold over Weidman and Lombard bullshit (hopefully more bullshit than that Strikeforce roster bullshit was). But he did tease some big announcement to be revealed after Saturday’s fight:

“We got plans, my friends,” White said. “It’s all I’ve been talking about for four days, believe me. I’ve been on the phone with me and Joe Silva putting together some really good fights. As long as everyone stays healthy, believe me.

“You know how normally, after a fight on Saturday, you guys are like ‘who is he going to fight next,’ I’ll have answers for you on Saturday. We’ll see who wins, and I’ll have a lot of answers for the 85-pound division. I’m excited, man, I’m serious, the 185-pound division has never been more exciting.”

The guys over at MMA Mania are drooling over the possibility that this might be the lead in to some sort of middleweight tournament featuring Vitor Belfort, Alan Belcher, Chris Weidman, and the winner of Boetch / Lombard. Sounds like a pretty logical and likely conclusion, even if the UFC doesn’t slap the word ‘tournament’ on it. Meanwhile, poor ickle Michael Bisping is sadface wondering why no one drafted him into their fantasy brackets.

  • Letibleu

  • Letibleu

    Back when i used to teach, ive lost weight since.

  • TheBatmanFan

    “…Luke Rockhold over Weidman and Lombard bullshit (hopefully more bullshit than that Strikeforce roster bullshit was).”

    I’m having difficulty unraveling that sentence.

    A MW tourney definitely sounds exciting.

    But it also sounds like zuffa pussyfooting and backpeddling on making flamderson fight anyone like they have been doing for years.

    Why should everyone wait around for flamderson to fight one of those guys a year later.

    Who else is he gonna fight.

    Just put them in line and let him take them all on.

    Isn’t that his job?

    We could get 3 defenses and some decent action out of that prick this year instead of making everyone else do the work so that zuffa can parade him and his flimsy record around like he’s invincible.