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Miguel Torres is playing with twitter fire


Yeah, it’s like all those guys on probation being held to a double standard too. What’s up with that?

  • Reverend Clint

    thats pretty much a line from How High


    Open QuoteWhat jamal? You dont want that. Those girls only know three words. Stop, no, and dont.Close Quote



    Open QuoteNuh-uh my brotha. You got those words backwards. They always tell me ‘Noooo Don’t Stop’! Excuse me..Close Quote

  • kvelertak

    I’m just glad he got knocked the fuck out.

  • Remico

    What a true idiot.

  • Filmdrunk

    I defended him for the last one and will continue to do so, but this is just dumb. For me, humor is a good barometer for what’s offensive. Was it funny? —> Probably not offensive. Was it not funny? Possibly offensive.

  • Oontyex

    oh no, a fighter said something that wasnt a gem of  wisdom i should raise my children based on, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Nepal

    Oh I get it now.  This is still in reference to his rapevan quote.  Lost me there for a minute.  If so, not smart.  His day came and went anyway.  He’ll never be anything than a low end gatekeeper in today’s younger, better lower-weight class world.  If he gets cut, no biggie.

  • Ron Jeremy

    He is pulling on this.

  • Ron Jeremy

    and hope this face doesnt happen


    Who gives a flying fuck. We need to knock it off with this pussification bullshit, it’s already gone too far.

  • Ron Jeremy

    i like “pussy”. i also like going on vacation. i like “getting some” while on vacation. I support pussification.

  • kwagnuth

    I agree with short bus you all are a bunch of pussies. Why don’t you stop your whining and go shave your vaginas.

    Just kidding Torres is a fuckin idiot.

  • Giallo

    ah nothing like a good mourning funny. Isn’t rape fun

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully
  • amna

    ok, not everyone will have the same sense of humour and while i personally dont care about his jokes, they will leave him open to having offended some, and with the last clusterfuck as well as the statement by sponsors, this really is a stupid thing to tweet – he seems like a reasonably intelligent person so why podt such a comment unless he is looking to be fired

  • Fightlinker

    Yeah i don’t really care about the joke. I care about Miguel Torres possibly being fired again

  • frickshun

    This guy is some kind of fucking idiot. Maybe he’s so embarassed by being fed to a young lion in his last outing, that he’d rather be fired for conduct before he’s fired for poor performance. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

  • frickshun

    NO SENSE!!

  • Ron Jeremy

    Drunken texting fits the bill.

  • Mehmed

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