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Miguel Torres sacrificed to the Gods of PC

In what I can only describe as the culmination of a bunch of pussies wringing their hands over quasi-offensive comments, the UFC has fired Miguel Torres. He made a joke on twitter about rape vans (welcome to the fucking internet) and now he is out of a job.

To explain how we got here, we have to take this back to last month. Forrest Griffin said something vaguely flippant about the Jerry Sandusky case on twitter while everyone was still in riot mode about it and took some epic shit for it. It turned out he was completely misunderstood but that didn’t stop several groups from going after him, the UFC, and FOX over it. Apologies were issued, donations were made to rape crisis centres, and another mini public relations controversy was eventually laid to rest.

Then a few days ago during a press conference, Rashad Evans debuted a little line of smack to Phil Davis that once again referenced Sandusky: “I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude on those kids at Penn State.” This again caused a big tizzy and people looked to the UFC for some sort of resolution. How can the organization let one of their fighters get away with saying something like that? When is the UFC going to do something about these guys saying offensive things?

Well, something was finally done. Miguel Torres was fired for tweeting “If rape vans were called surprise vans, more people would get in them because everyone loves surprises.”

Now I’m no expert in having a giant stick up my ass, but I’m pretty sure working specific incidents of child rape into your smack talk during a press conference = worse than making a joke about rape vans on twitter. But there’s been one too many rape jokes made in a short period of time and someone has to go down for it. Not only does this take the heat off the UFC for those other incidents, but it also sends a message to other fighters to stop it with this dumb shit.

Here’s Dana White laying it out to Ariel Helwani:

If you’re a UFC fighter watching this, the bottom line is all these guys are smart. Use your common sense. You know what to say and what not to say. If it has something to do with rape or any of this crazy stuff, shut up! Don’t be talking about it, you know what I mean? You have no place talking about it unless you’re on a show and the topic is rape, which none of our fighters should be on a show like that anyways.

It’s just one of those things where you have to have common sense. If I was dealing with stupid people – if i had a bunch of dummies fighting for me … stupid is stupid, you can’t fix stupid. I don’t have stupid fighters. I have guys who are smart, intelligent, most of em went to college, most of em have families. Use your common sense. You know what to talk about and what not to talk about.

If you think something is funny… keep it to yourself. You’re not a fucking comedian. What you think is funny, other people might not. Unless you wanna stop fighting and go become a fucking comedian and open up for Rogan, we dont wanna hear your jokes. We don’t wanna hear what you think is funny.

On one hand, I gotta agree. As someone who’s taken many lazy trips down the rape joke trail, I will always defend people’s right to make jokes about controversial material. But it’s obviously not the smartest thing for UFC fighters to be joking about, and the sooner they’re explained this, the better.We live in a world where saying ‘the wrong thing’ can result in a lynch mob forming that won’t rest until you’ve been punished, fined, or fired. I hope the UFC realizes the precedent they’ve set by throwing Miguel Torres under the bus. The mob will be back, and who knows which head they’ll want on a platter next time. It could even be Dana White’s.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I was waiting to hear your take on this. We have 3 guys making offensive jokes and oddly enough the better constructed joke ends up with a guy losing his job.

    Moral of the story: If your going to make an offensive comment or joke, don’t make it humorous. You will stay employed.

    All lols aside, this was obviously a calculated move by the UFC to let other fighters know to STFU with the risque humor while not getting rid of ppv draws that they built up through TUF.

    We wanted mma to go mainstream well here we fucking go.

  • P W

    “If you’re a UFC fighter watching this, the bottom line is all these guys are smart.”

    Hahaha! Calling fighters “smart”! Dana came up with the best joke of the bunch, that’s for sure. Since  “suprise sex” is a common synonym to “rape”, Torres joke fell flat. Forrest tried but be clever funny, but was not clever nor funny. Rashad’s comment just sounded strange, is he confessing that he’s a pervert and a rapist? Doesn’t it make more sense to accuse your opponent of being that, if you want to make somebody pissed off?

  • noiseless

    Yyyeah, it’s that FOX-thing.

  • Billytk

    I think his comment was stupid but who cares no one should be fired for saying something that isn’t PC. Not to mention how hypocritical it is of Dana to fire Torres yet do nothing to Forrest (who made almost the exact same joke) or Rashad who said something much worse. Then he goes so far as to defend Leben who has been caught cheating many many times but Miguel is the one fired for making a bad joke online…

  • FilmDrunk

    A joke about a fucking rape van is not a joke about rape. That’s like saying a reference to someone wearing a wifebeater is a joke about domestic abuse. This is exactly why I don’t want the UFC to go mainstream. They start thinking they have to be boring PC automatons like every other sport, and we get to hear awesome interviews about guys “just taking it one day at a time.” Fuck that sucks. I watch because I WANT to get to know a guy’s personality, it makes him more fun to root for. I guess he should’ve just made a dumb joke about how Anderson Silva’s wife should make him a steak.

  • Reverend Clint

    rashtard’s comment was way worse than mullets. Griffins wasnt even offensive.. its like calling the history channel the hitler channel.

  • FilmDrunk

    Here’s Dana White shaking hands and hanging out with an actual, convicted rapist:

    But no, that makes sense, jokes on twitter are much worse.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Tyson makes mistakes, but nothing as serious as jocular commentary in regards to a tv show.

  • kwagnuth

    If you stink up the octagon with boring ass performances shut the fuck up and can it with the rape jokes. It’s like Dana is raising a bunch of kids with ADD who just don’t wanna listen so he’s gotta smack one of the little fuckers upside the head so the rest know he isn’t fuckin around. It might as well be the most useless one of the bunch. 

  • glassjawsh

    ^ my dad would agree

  • Blackula Jonez

    Man the changing landscape of mma.


    A couple years ago Miguel was one of the two most popular fighters in the WEC and a top 5 p4p fighter.

    Now he is fighting on underrcards putting together lackluster and forgettable fights and is now fired.

    Hope he has fun in Bellator.

  • Blackula Jonez

    That and Louis C.K. has already crafted on of the best and most tasteful rape jokes I have ever heard.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    We’re now in the mainstream. Enough said.

    If a hockey, football, baseball, basketball player made a rape joke people would go bananas. If you’re a public figure under media scrutiny your jokes have to be limited.

    Miguel was the third strike – Rashad and Forrest weren’t fired because they sell pay-per views. Miguel fights on facebook.

  • kvelertak

    Fuck him. He’s a shitty fighter who belongs in bellator anyway.

  • SkippyKid

    One the one hand Dana is saying “I let my guys say what they want.. free speech blah blah”..

    Then fires Miguel for this.

    What Rashad said was way worse.. but because he was “trying to come back at Phil Davis”.. then it is ok.. but because Miguel made a joke it isn’t.

    I actually feel bad for Dana in that interview as he is all over the place and if you can read between his passion about his opinion and listen to him – he sounds like he doesnt really have an answer for why he did what he did.

    Anyone else think the UFC needs another guy like Dana to do Dana stuff? Talk to media, hype fights etc?

    Seems weird for there to only be ONE guy in charge of doing all of that and the UFC is putting in 3 times the amount of fights now than they did a year.. two years ago.

  • iamphoenix

  • Grappo

    sick of all this bullshit

  • glassjawsh

    ^ so wait….dana….let me get this straight….

    getting hopped up on energy drinks and the sercet cause you’re all sad face, and then driving like a maniac down the interstate in your monster truck (with your face on the side!) then running over a woman in a car causing her to MISCARRY HER FUCKING BABY and then going to jail is completely ok as long as the person who did it is like totally sorry n shit and you can totes tell for reals cause you know these things.

    but making a stupid joke from a show everyone loves (that is on the network you just signed a deal with IN BLOOD!!) that no one but a guy who hates you noticed (josh gross) or gave a shit about is so unforgivable that A you’re fucking fired and B you’re not even allowed the same courtesy to explain yourself to the Grand Poo Bah, like Forrest or Rashard or Rampage or even KARO FUCKING PARISIYAN

    I get that it’s your company and you’re the decider and stuff. and that people who are harder to replace usually get a longer leash.

    but this kind of rampant obvious favoritism makes you look like a dick.

    to everyone

  • glassjawsh

    seriously though, Dana gave Karo “jitter bug” Parisiyan like 11 chances for being a flaky drugged out borderline schizo and then shit cans a former champ after 1 stupid thing that almost no one gave a fuck about

  • P W

    I guess it’s bound to happen when you put a boxercise instructor to do the job of an experienced manager. The UFC doesn’t have any clear policies, Dana does everything on whim – who gets fired, who gets pushed, who gets a title shot, even who wins. Correspondingly, cheating, substance abuse, bad public behavior, criminal conduct, you can get away with anything if Dana likes you.

  • CAP

    The “old” Miguel Torres would not have been fired for this.  But I agree guys probably don’t know what is and isn’t acceptable because the line keeps getting blurred.  Just don’t be a complete fucking bonehead and you should be ok.