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Mike Brown vs Cole Providence

Hey look at that, Versus is starting to give us a little taste of the prelims. Me likey.

  • agentsmith

    That makes Brown 2-2 at smashing cans and getting (T)KO’d by challengers/contenders in his last four fights. I’m curious who they’ll give him next.

  • frickshun

    I think they should give him a rematch w/Cole Province.


    Jesus, why wont they give mike brown a real fight?
    After he lost to Aldo he fought:
    Anthony Morrison-Riding a 1 fight winning streak, also WEC newbie

    Manny-2 fight win streak, with wins over Jens Pulver and some asian who got cut.

    Cole Province-was cut from the WEC, and was riding a one fight win streak outside the WEC over some nub.

    All i’m saying, is how fucking bad do they want him to win again? On paper his hardest opponent was Manny and he blows. Just saying.

  • Minatoba

    Cole looks like he has bitch tits? I guess even the little guys juice…