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Mike Swick is dumb.

Well, it’s official. Mike Swick is dropping from Middleweight to Welterweight. This is good news, because if he stayed in the Middleweight division we might have had a TUF fighter holding a belt by the end of 2008. Swick is leaving the weakest division in the UFC to try his luck against the likes of GSP, Hughes, Parisyan, and Serra (hehe). I’m sure this will work out great for him! After all, who wants the pressure of being #2 or #3 in a division? It’s much more relaxing being somewhere down near the bottom, getting fed as a rebound to the real contenders.

I want to be the first to say I’m really impressed by this decision. Other fighters would have taken two or three losses before dropping weight classes. But Mike has decided to make this change at the first sign of adversity he’s run into. Good luck fighting at welterweight, Mike. We’ll miss seeing you win.

P.S. : For fuck’s sake Mike, don’t drop to welterweight!

  • Pontus

    I dont know if its a smart move or not.
    But wouldnt you think that weight classes are there for a reason.
    If he can be the bigger man or atleast average sized man at 170 instead of the being the smaller man at 185 shouldnt he do it?
    Anyways love the blog keep up the good work.

  • fightlinker

    Oh for sure, I agree. Mike Swick will never be a ‘big middleweight’, but considering how weak the middleweight division is, it shouldn’t matter. Watching the Swick-Okami fight, I was amazed when they showed him in his corner verbally dazed at the strength of Yushin Okami. Swick lost the fight right then when he questioned his own ability … ability that brought him close two or three times to hurting Okami badly with strikes. Now it seems like this event is still in his head : he was outpowered by Okami, so now he has to drop to 170 where hopefully he won’t be outpowered again.

    But the logic in this is flawed because the welterweight division is full of big welterweights who are known for their abnormal strength. Swick has just as much chance of being overpowered at WW, but against a more talented crop of fighters. And while you can argue in a bubble that dropping to WW makes sense, the reality is the WW division is stacked and stalled at the moment. There’s not going to be a title shot past Hughes/Serra until 2008. The top names are all cemented in place and Swick is not going to magically appear in the top 5. In the long run, a drop to WW might be a good idea for Swick. But right now?

    Take however the middleweight division, which is so strapped for contenders it has Franklin vs Okami fighting for next dibs against Anderson Silva. The only other guys around are Kampmann and Nate Mardquardt, who are about as interesting and popular as All Bran. Swick is a name AND a force at 185. He’s giving this up when he drops into the welterweight pack.

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate you reading and your input!

  • Ryan

    I’m sure Kos and Fitch are none too pleased about this, as well. You’d think Swick wouldn’t want to piss off the guys he trains with on a daily basis.

  • Vee

    Fighlinker, that’s exactly what I thought about his fight with Okami. Had he started punching like he was earlier in the fight I believe the fight would have been over earlier instead of going the distance. I don’t think Okami was able to handle his strikes.
    Swick definitely mentally checked out early in the fight.

    The only way to make a HUGE impact in the WW division is make a huge impact in all of his fights. FROM THE OPENING BELL, start punching and defend the shoots, the takedown and knock a mf’er down. Mike has the punching power, I just wonder about the technique and strategy.