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Mike Tyson says ultimate fighters aren’t getting paid what they deserve

Mike Tyson showed up on the MMA Hour this week and got pretty passionate when the topic turned to how much UFC fighters are getting paid:

“Nothing personal to nobody, they gotta be f—ing millionaires,” Tyson angrily insisted to Ariel Helwani Tuesday on The MMA Hour. “They gotta get the f—ing money they deserve. How is [MMA] going to be bigger than boxing if they don’t have cash? These guys need to be multi-multimillionaires. They need to have their big f—ing mansions, their big cars and if not, they should be able to take care of their family. They should be able to live without fighting no more.”

“They’re still getting brain damage,” Tyson continued. “They’re still getting knocked out. They’re still going to the hospital every night, win, lose or draw,” he noted. “They know something bad’s going to happen eventually. Why can’t we live a good life until that happens?”

“I’m just saying ultimate fighting fighters are not getting paid what they deserve,”

Mike also says change, it’s a coming. And that’s generally a good thing, so long as things don’t get crazy out of hand. Boxing crazy out of hand. If we can somehow hit that sweet spot between once great fighters carrying on for way too long because they can’t afford to retire and spoilt athletes sucking the life out of the sport, that’d be wawesome.

  • Reverend Clint

    he has never watched a jon fitch fight… that guy should pay people to watch him

  • voice of reason

    the top guys ARE multimillionaires. even fking kos who’s never been champ got a nice fking house and 5 sports cars and a fking plane! and rumor is gsp makes almost 5mil / fight. randy made 1mil ish, etc

    it’s the below guys that i agree,should be paid more. the more they have, it can go to better training  camps, medical, etc which helps develop talent.

  • PooCommander

    Tysons the homie and everything, but for some reason I have my doubts about a Tyson opinion regarding what money is actually worth and how much of it a person should be getting paid.

    And I dont see how Tyson’s or maywhether’s inflated price tags helped the sport of boxing either.

    Also like VOR says above, as long as the top guys are making good chedder, and are not allowed to duck and choose opponents like boxing, then everyone has a reason to try and be the best.

    It works itself out.

  • CAP

    Tyson also showed that guys need to manage their money right no matter how much they make they can still blow it and end up bankrupt.  We’ll see how Kos is doing in a few years.  Guess it pays to play the douche.

  • iamphoenix

  • ButtHorn

    I want black Tyson penis in my butt.

  • frickshun

    Grab my belt, CAP!!

  • MadMan

    Ariel should know better than to tell Mike to get mad !
    Mike’s got a lot of wisdom to share, he may not have the most eloquent delivery or choice of words but he’s definitely a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. I’d love to see this show, can you imagine the emotional rollercoaster….14 days straight!  OMG!