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Miller Pleads Not Guilty in Arraignment Marked by Scolding, Face-Making

Miller Pleads Not Guilty in Arraignment Marked by Scolding, Face-Making

Former UFC and Strikeforce middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller pleaded not guilty to two counts of domestic abuse at an arraignment in Orange County yesterday, where Judge Andre Manssourian repeatedly chastised the fighter for odd courtroom behavior. According to, Miller loudly protested, “Judge, I am an artist,” after Manssourian agreed with the district attorney that his social media activity suggested he was a threat to society.

At issue were three different Twitter posts: one reading, “IF YOU ARE READING THIS WITH FEAR IN YOUR HEART, MAYBE’LL KILL YOU”—allegedly posted when Miller’s Twitter handle was “Maybe”—one that said, “SOME PEOPLE PREFER PRISONERS OVER PARTNERS. IF THEY CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. CAN’T KILL MAYBE,” and a third reading, simply, “DIE DIE DIE.”

Prosecution argued that these posts were directed at Ana Pricilla, who claims Miller choked, punched, kicked and urinated on her at his home. Citing Miller’s father as a witness, the defense argued that Pricilla had attacked Miller after being asked to leave. At that point, Judge Manssourian chastised Miller for making faces and rapid head movements.

It was not the first time in the proceedings that Miller behaved erratically. SciFighter’s Adam Brennan reported that Miller looked around wildly “with eyes full of confusion” upon entering the courtroom and told his attorney it was “imperative” that he be released that night. On more than one occasion, Miller was silenced by his attorney or instructed by the judge to keep quiet.

Miller’s courtroom demeanor did not appear to help his case. Defense argued that bruises and lacerations on Pricilla resulted from her own MMA training and pointed out that Miller had taken out a restraining order against her, as had several of her past boyfriends. Apparently unconvinced, Manssourian placed a protective order on Pricilla and set Miller’s bail at $100,000. As of press time, he remained in jail.

  • thingvolds

    Dude seems to be suffering from schizophrenia of some sort. Hope he gets help.

  • Jarman

    This is what happens when crazy sticks its dick in crazy.

    He had a restraining order. Should have called the cops to get her out. INstead, he makes himself the criminal, and then LETS HER SLEEP OVER. Guess that’s just how an artist rolls.

  • Forsythe

    What Jarman said has truth in it

    This is the kind of asshole like OJ who ruins it for everyone else

    Gets himself an asshole insane broad, they act like insane assholes together and now you cant ask your own wife what happened to the rest of the milk that was in the fridge without getting the cops called on you and domestic violence charges filed against you by the state

  • glassjawsh

    When I lived in west Lafayette a few years ago, I was dating this girl who had a pretty serious drug problem. One weekend in the middle of winter, and with the help of her parents, I took her to a “Deftones concert in Columbus” that turned out to be “Rehab in Richmond, Indiana”. Needless to say, she was pissed about it, but the logic was since she was 200 miles away from home (and her uncle was in town to check on her) that she’d stick out the program.

    Jesus Christ was I naive because about a week later she shows up on my doorstep at 2 in the morning INCONSOLIBLY angry. She made such a scene outside that I had to bring her in so the neighbors wouldn’t call the police. Unfortunately all that did was give a junkie with a vendetta access to the pots, pans and knives located inside my kitchen. After a good amount of struggle I was able to throw her out the door by the belt loop on her jeans with enough force that when she tries to regain her balance on the ice outside she immediately ate shit on the sidewalk AS HARD AS I HAVE EVER SEEN ANYONE BITE IT IN MY LIFE.

    I was god damned if I was going to let her back in after tryin to kill me no matter how much she rolled on the ground and yelled. So I called her mom to come get her and I never saw her again.

    True story, and the moral is that I am 100% convinced that if she’d had a mind to, I could have been arrested for domestic assault after being attacked by a heroine junkie with a knife. there is usually more to the story than what you read in the news.