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Mir replaces Overeem for UFC 146

Heading into UFC 145, the UFC finally did what it should have done since news broke that Alistair Overeem has the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio of Superman: they pulled him off the UFC 146 card. Replacing him will be Frank Mir.


  • They no longer had to deal with the bad psychic vibe of Overeem’s test fail hanging over their big event
  • They no longer seem like a participating party in whatever shifty excuse Overeem’s camp plans on serving up the commission this week.
  • They finally get to start promoting UFC 146 (only 5 weeks away now) properly


  • Another mega-fight officially goes down the toilet. F*ck you, gypsy curse.
  • They chose the most obvious and least interesting option to replace Overeem.

That second negative is what disappoints the most. For a promotion that prides itself on giving the fans the fights they want to see, they seem much more attached to the established protocols that determine who gets a shot than putting together the best possible fight. And I’m not even whining about Mark Hunt or Fedor getting passed over, either.

Consider this: six months ago, Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez was the biggest heavyweight fight in the universe. One might reason that there’d still be some interest in this fight, especially since the first one barely got started before it ended. But heaven forbid you put those guys in the cage again, even if it’s the best match-up and would create the most excitement. Because that’s just not the way you book title fights!

I don’t wanna rag on the UFC too much about this – they do things they way they do em for a reason. But it is worth pointing out that they passed up on a much bigger fight simply because Cain Velasquez hasn’t gone through the established rebound phase you need in order to be considered worthy of a shot. Which seems kind of silly because talent and competition wise he’s still the most deserving guy for the task. And it would have been the most exciting fight the UFC could have made.

  • TheRectumInspector

    I wanna fuck the Gypsy witch.
    Evil bitches fuck better.

    I’ll have to disagree with you though about Cain.
    Its more than just the requisite rebound phase, its the way that he lost.

    If it had been competitive it could have been an option, but thats not the way it happened.

    I would have preferred Hunt.

    It would have just been more interesting like a Rocky movie.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    My problem is I don’t see any way that Mir wins. If he stands with JDS he’s toast and I don’t think his wrestling is good enough to keep Junior down.

    Velasquez would have the best chance of any of the HW’s and it’s a fight that would have stirred the pot a bit. Too bad, especially considering how many instant rematches happen in the LW division…

  • Letibleu

    In the end, we are all spoiled brats and the most difficult yet defensive fans of almost all sports (football aka soccer is an exception).

  • Symbul

    I don’t think you can put Cain in there right away without a win, with other viable contenders out there. No title defenses, knocked out emphatically, only one fight in 2011. Just not a good resume right now.

    Not that I’m psyched for Mir being put in there. It’s heavyweight so he’s at all times one haymaker from winning but I don’t like his odds one bit.

  • noiseless

    frank bigfoot silva

  • noiseless

    read wrong on twitter. now how the shiett do i edit these fuckers?

  • kwagnuth

     Anyone but Mir. The guy is so inconsistant the only reason he is in there is because it is still a weak division and they need a name.

  • YoungDonDraper

    There’s no way you could do Cain vs. Junior again right now, none of you are looking at this from Junior’s perspective. The guy just won the heavyweight championship of the world by knocking out the incredible Mexican Killing Machine Cain Velazquez early in the first round. That is a massive victory, and will be a landmark of his career.

    You don’t just call him up before his next fight and say “Oh, by the way, it turns out The Ream is a cheater after all, so we need you to fight the Mexican Killing Machine” again. I know you just thrashed him and that should mean you’re the champion and he’s not, but, well Frank Mir is boring.”

    Junior will likely destroy Frank, his hands are twice as fast and Frank is chinny, Frank has the jiu jitsu advantage but I don’t think he’ll get consistent takedowns. However, if he did win that would suck for the legitimacy of the title because we all remember those two brutal stoppages from Brock and Shane.

  • Oontyex

    it woudlnt take  any legitimacy from the title it frank one. having a bad loss doesnt mean that they tarnish whatever they touch after. just means against brock n carwin, they were the better men on the day, but against JDS (if it happens, which i doubt) that he is.

    definately would have rather seen hunt in, or fedor, but im excited to see what frank can do,  fresh in my mind is the big nog fight

  • Mike Winklejohnson

    Why do ppl even talk abt seeing Mark Hunt? He knocked out a Kongo who is an overrated striker (got KO by Mir for fuck’s sake). And before he knocked kongo out he got hurt by him. Hunt is at this point a gate keeper at best. He fought in K-1 so what? So did Pat Barry. 

    Mir may not be the best opponent to BEAT JDS, but he’s the most suitable at this TIME.

  • Giallo

    ^ he’s fighting ginormious head silva
    well at least this has exciting JDS finish written all over it, but booo this fucking fight.

  • Morghen

    Cain Velasquez isn’t the Mexican-Killing Machine. You’re thinking of the drug cartels.

  • frickshun

    ^^I like Browne vs Nelson. Browne was calling out better comp after his last garbage win so that works out perfectly. And for anyone talking about legitimacy when it comes to the heavyweight division……..BWAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!