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Mirko: I’ll be back

Originally all that talk of Mirko coming back to the UFC sounded like complete bullshit. But now after reading this, I’m starting to think it’s more than just empty words:

According to the Croatian website, Mirko Filipovic said, “..I have already mentioned that I will take part in three fights for Dream, and that then I will return to the UFC. And to all internet know-it-alls I say to put gloves on and to enter the ring or the cage themselves before insulting whatever fighter. I repeat, I am not avoiding the UFC, and will come back by the end of the year.”

I’ve got to say, the idea of CroCop taking care of business in Japan and then returning to the UFC upon a chariot built from the bones of fallen opponents … well, quite frankly, it arouses me. Down there. In my pee-pee.

There’s another cool quote in that article too about Mirko losing his will to fight in there too. I’ve gotta give it to him … when most fighters give excuses, they usually don’t involve “I sucked, I was weak, my heart was not in it.” Although I suppose that’s a less humbling excuse than “I’m a mid-talent fighter who looked good because of steroids and Pride match fixing.”

  • kentyman

    You hear that Fightlinker, you internet know-it-all? Put gloves on and enter the ring or the cage!

    What’s that? You’re gonna. Oh, well I’m not.

  • fightfan

    Mirko also said “He hopes to fight Fedor on NYE of 08″….If that doesnt happen then I will be back.

  • Sauce

    I like the sound of that. Will be lookin forward to having CroCop back after he gets his shit together and PWNs some noobs overseas.

  • operator

    Their is already buzz about him fighting Fedor again. I wonder if Dana would want cro back if he gets his ass kicked again by Fedor seeing how fedor sucks and all.

  • steve24

    If he wins all 3 fights in Dream and wants to come back to the UFC, will they give him the same contract? Also, if he loses a fight, I’m pretty sure the UFC won’t give him the same contract. I’m not sure well see Cro Cop back in the UFC by the end of the year but I hope so.

  • fightfan

    I agree Steve24……Cro Cop may win his next 3 fights in convincing fashion only to come back and get screwed by Dana.

    Cro Cop will come back expecting his original terms back….Only to hear Dana say well we need you to take a pay cut of 1/2 also. Those are the terms, like it or leave it and go back to Japan

  • Mobb Deep

    I don’t think his return to the UFC is gonna be about money, this is one proud motherfucker who will come back to prove a point, namely, that hes nobody’s bitch.

    Also, Fedor vs Cro Cop II would be awesome, I truly believe that CC is the only fighter out there capable of beating Fedor (maybe Josh, but hes been out for too long), sorry Randy.

  • Xavier

    He’ll win three fights in Japan, come back to America and promptly lose to McCully and Kongo before retiring.

    As Chris Leben would have said to him: “Go back to Japan where the competition is easier!” At least with Cro Cop, he would have turned out to be right.

  • fightlinker

    In japan, they would have made Leben vs Mirko happen

  • Teufel

    I can’t wait to see him kick someone in the face… SOON!

  • http://bloodyelbow Mike Rome

    I wonder if Dana worked out a deal to show these 3 Dream fights to hype Mirko’s return. Needless to say he’d die of glee if one of them was a win over Fedor.

  • Rodney Dangerfield

    Crocop and Evan Tanner have the best blogs hands down. “Once I fought for a living, now I fight for my pride.” That and Tanner’s description of standing in the Octagon are amazing.

  • Rodney Dangerfield

    Correction: Best FIGHTER blogs.

    I think we all know who has the best standard blog.

  • fightlinker


  • JoshMan

    Perez Hilton, dummy!

  • Xavier

    “In japan, they would have made Leben vs Mirko happen”

    Leben by decision.

  • Rodney Dangerfield

    Bloody Elbow has linked to a Sherdog forum where Crocop states that “The date of return depends on a possible fight with Fedor. The fight should take place on 31st December if Fedor accepts.” This would be unreal, and fightlinker’s wet dreams come true. Unfortunately it was translated by some random poster in a Forum, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

  • Jemaleddin

    Man, 9 or 10 solid months of steroids, racist judging, preferential officiating and fixed fights should really put him back on top! God bless Japan!

    Also, since it now appears the only things that weren’t fake in Pride were the ring girls boobs, can we go stop kissing Mirko and Fedor’s ass until they, I don’t know, beat somebody in a sanctioned and regulated match? Or at least find a way of marking up comments with a background image of somebody hugging a giant pair of nuts?

  • JackalAss

    I don’t think that Cro-Cop ever did steroids. I hear that alot on these forums and blogs. I just don’t see him taking them.


  • cyphron

    If the UFC were run by the Japanese:

    Lesnar VS Mir: Lesnar 2-0 (early stoppage, most fans thought Lesnar was hitting Mir illegally. Ref disagreed)
    Lesnar VS Guida: Lesnar 3-0 (Legend is born: He broke Guida in half)
    Lesnar VS BJ Penn: Lesnar 4-1 (Lesnar disqualified for roid rage)
    Lesnar VS Wanderlei: Lesnar 5-1
    Lesnar VS Cro Cop for heavyweight belt: 6-1 (Caught CroCop’s leg and GnP him. Refs had to pull him off of CC’s crumpled body.)

    Lesnar is now #1 pound for pound in the rankings for destroying all competition.

  • fightlinker

    Controversy erupts as Lesnar pulls out of fight with Undertaker over and over due to a broken toe. Word around the scene is he is ducking ‘Taker … Taker’s gogo and triangle skills are simply too fearsome

  • Mobb Deep

    Yeah, fuck Pride cause Nog, Rampage and Anderson Silva are so fake.

  • Xavier

    Rampage was offered more money to lose in a specific way in Pride, you fanboy schmuck. You think he was the only one, or that others would turn down free money? Right.

    It’s called ‘work.’ Look it up.