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MMA finally gets it’s own Fast and the Furious

Note to the douches trying to get Never Submit off the ground: here’s how you make a movie. Keep your mouths shut, don’t waste your time booking fighters who can’t act, film the fucking thing, and then release a polished trailer to the interwebs. This movie looks like the MMA equivalent of Hackers, which is awesome because Hackers rocked and had Angelina Jolie naked in it. I can only pray we get at least some serious side-boob action going in this film.

There’s going to be way too many MMA movies out there in another few years that take themselves too seriously. This movie looks retarded, and that’s why I think it’s going to rock. Check this one out after downing a few Mickeys, hooping some Xyience, and you got yourself a fun time.

On a side note, I have no idea why the main guy is interested in the chick who obviously has the worst taste in men. I’d be like “Wow, you’re a fucking stupid retard who likes violent morons and set me up to get my ass kicked. I hope you die of AIDS.” Not “I’m gonna save you baby … I see something inside you … something pure.” Then again, perhaps Youtube doesn’t capture the majestic nature of her T&A. Because if that shit’s 10, then yeah I get it.

  • dignan


  • Chuck

    that movie looks pretty fuckin sweet! i’ll be dragging my girlfriend to that garbage with a shit eating grin.

  • Accomando

    “…This movie looks retarded, and that’s why I think it’s going to rock….”

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Xavier

    That movie looks absotastically awful.

    Can’t wait for more retarded MMA fans after this, lord knows there’s not already enough of them.

  • Accomando

    There isn’t Xavier, that’s why MMA is no where near to being mainstream yet.

    Think about the losers at the NFL games who take thier shirts off and paint themselves in sub freezing tempertures, excluding the anomoly of the “Just Bleed Guy”, MMA hasn’t seen that breed of fan yet. Therefore MMA hasn’t fully reached its potential.

  • fightlinker

    Last night I was at the TKO event in Montreal and Steve Bosse (former NHL hockey player) was fighting. The crowd was decent throughout the whole thing, but then when Bosse came out everyone FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. The guy behind me was screaming “AWAY, LE BOSS! TABERNAC! KILL HIM BOSS!” over and over the whole time … I was expecting his heart to explode out of his chest.

    Suffice to say, other sports’ hardcore fans are WAY more hardcore than most of us.

  • Accomando

    Did that hockey player kill the guy?

  • fightlinker

    Nope … was beating on him pretty hard till the other guy took him to the ground and got mount. Bosse will be back though … he’s just gotta work on his ground defense a bit

  • igorpunck

    what ta fuck? where are all the “A” names mma fighters? bunch of teenage dickheads.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    There is no way in hell that I would watch this movie. I couldn’t get past the part with the U-Haul truck.

  • Pontus

    Looks awesome!

  • fightlinker

    Jeremy, just tell us : where you penetrated in the back of a U-Haul, and that’s why you hate them?


  • Jackie Chiles

    Jeremy, if you are looking for representation in your UHAUL man rape case, I am your man. Being poked in the back of a UHAUL is a violation of your constitutional rights!

    As for the movie: It looks lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!

  • monkeypunch101

    Holy fucking hell! That thing was so god awful that I just shit myself at the end of it. Something tells me that i’m going to see alot more retarded fuckheads joining my gym in the future.

  • Leland Roling

    LOL, wow.

    It doesn’t really fit the mold of MMA at all, and gives it exactly the perception that the public thinks of MMA… a street fight. Good job Hollywood, making MMA a street fight again.

  • Wu Tang

    .. Teenagers learning MMA.. HS’ers learning MMA… Makes me proud to tap out all the kids that walks in the gym trying to act hard.. This movie is retarded, its going ot get youngins worked up, then next day go to their local MMA gym, and within 1 week, quit because there are no real hot girls associated with MMA. Even if they were, why fuck with them, obviously they are dating a fighter who can kick your ass… Also, i dont see a brazilian anywhere in that clip.. All i see is a ‘Kongo’ guys.. You know, the guy who beleives ground game is too good for him.

  • JiuJitsu365

    You wouldn’t catch me in a theater watching it, but it’s definitely DVD worthty.

  • Higgz

    I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. WAIT!!! Is the main character’s name Daniel-Son, the Black Guy’s name “Mr. Miagi” and the Jerk Villains name, “Johnny”? Because this is basically the same plot line as Karate Kid–substitute Sean Salmon Crain Kicks for Arm Bars and THERE YOU GO!!!

    “Get a body bag!!”

  • Rich

    “Also, i dont see a brazilian anywhere in that clip.. All i see is a ‘Kongo’ guys.. You know, the guy who beleives ground game is too good for him.”

    That’s not Cheick Kongo, it’s that guy from Amistad. Never Back Down on IMDB

  • fightlinker

    Wow, wierd. People were just joking about the Amistad thing in another post

  • Higgz

    Maybe the sequel, “Never Back Down 2″ will take place in Okinawa.

  • Sean

    This may do to MMA what the fast and the furious did to street racing…

    I won’t endorse this.

  • intenso

    looks pretty sweet to me. At least they’re wearing their regulation gloves!


    Pretty sure this movie also has the MMA girls in it

    That black guy (the trainer) is the dude from Gladiator

  • nem0

    Hah, Higgz beat me to it. They should have called this Kickboxer Kid.

  • JiuJitsu365

    The trainer’s name is Djimon Hounsou….

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    That shit is gay.

    Is it supposed to be Jake Shields’ biography? LOL

  • MacDaddy

    if you don’t do a capoeira flip like the guy in the movie when you fight Sam Caplan then you suck.

  • EdenMachine

    “Maybe the sequel, “Never Back Down 2″ will take place in Okinawa.”


    and to every other comment to this post…. ROFL

  • Red Sweat MMA

    I like how they just fight on the floor with no ring or cage. They should do that in the UFC.

  • Higgz

    “Sweep the leg!”

  • Don Muraco

    Check out this forthcoming art film abour mma (i guess)
    With the always sane Mr.Busey

  • yetti

    if the kobra ki wanna be would have had a brock lesnar cock sword tattoo i would consider seeing this movie, but he doesn’t, so i won’t. the black trainor was also in blood diamond