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MMA Girl: 500000000, Fightlinker: 0

MMA Girls Joanne Is Choked Unconscious

That goddamn MMA Girl. First she bests us with her predictions, and now she lands a goddamn web-show with She’s now officially better than us in every way.

Among the originals in the works are an advertiser-friendly collaboration between and that will result in a yet-to-be-named series which will run on both sites. In addition, the site plans to unveil the young-males-behaving badly series The Crew (described as making “Jackass look like pre-school” by Jon Slusser, senior vp, Spike digital and video games) and The MMA Girls, which features a pair of comely young women demonstrating mixed martial arts fighting techniques.

The latest video on features Joanne and comely young woman Marc “The Ego” Laimon. Laimon displays how to apply a rear naked choke, and Joanne displays how to pass out. As much as I tried not to be entertained, I fucking was. CURSE YOU MMA GIRL! CURSE YOU TO FUCKING HELL!

  • clint notestine

    Not the first time Laimon has choked a chick but usually they don’t wake up so quick with their pants on.

  • Dan

    I concur… that sucks in every way possible. And why the hell does every major media outlet need to have a correspondent get RNC’d???? If Laimon knew what he was doing he would have shown her a triangle and then farted in her face.

  • #1 Jackal

    would it make you feel any better if I choked you out?

  • garth

    that is one hardcore chick there

  • Houston “Glass Jaw” Alexander

    She’s also far more attractive than fightlinker. So, since we’re keeping score:

    MMA Girl: 500000001
    Fightlinker: 0

  • Smitler

    God damn Laimon looked like a rapist when he had hold of her legs. By the look on her face that’s what she thought too.

  • toolverine

    Yeah, he looked creepy as hell with his legs wrapped around her.

  • godzillad

    Lame-on always looks creepy.


    Settle a bet fellas, RNC then anal….or Anal AND THEN the RNC? (and a quick getaway!)

  • vinhthekid

    i thought she looked kinda hot when she woke up actually.

  • Roxy

    oooooh she went unconcious! Such a big deal. lol