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MMA just lost a major fan in Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan, best known for his role in the Green Mile, died yesterday of complications resulting from a heart attack back in July. Duncan was an oldschool fan of the sport and could be seen cageside at events all the way back to before UFC 50. AKA back when being seen at an event was akin to being spotted in one of those jackoff porn theatres. The last thing he posted on his twitpic before the heart attack was a photo of himself watching UFC in his totally bitchin’ mancave. “The best way to watch UFC! From home.” Amen to that, MCD. Just goes to show you that even people in the deluxe celebrity cageside seats spend most of their time watching the projector screens.

Here’s hoping they get Versus in Heaven.

  • glassjawsh

    this sucks. condolences to his family, never heard a negative thing about the guy.

    one of you godless heathens can make a “there’s no versus or heaven” joke because I have too much respect for the guy to say something like that

  • Reverend Clint
  • noiseless

    he was good in the finder, even if the show was sorta weird. damn shame. kick satans ass buddy.

  • iamphoenix



  • voice of reason

    This was quite shocking as he’s not someone ‘old’. I first saw him in Armageddon and me and my bros still call him ‘bear’ to this day. Armageddon is still one of my favorite films…

    I just saw his twitter and he was still tweeting a few days ago and now it’s all over so suddenly. Reminds us all that life is fleeting.


  • raizor

    Seemed like a nice guy and I never came across a bad word written or spoken about him. Rest in peace big dude.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Sucks that he died, R.I.P. MCD.

    Also isn’t it weird that you always hear about the bad behavior of certain actors but don’t even realize there are some of them that are actually decent people but just like in school kids who don’t cause trouble are never recognized for being decent human beings.

    Think of how long a guy like Keanu Reeves has been in the business and how few negative press there is against the guy…well besides not being the best actor ever lol.

  • frickshun

    Did you guys know he started as a bodyguard to the stars? Read this yesterday:

  • greenseed

    Versus? so 2011

  • G Funk

    I remember he played craps with Deebo in Friday during the, “you got knocked da fuck out” seen. Not a gay-ass Amageddon memory while still calling him bear to this day… fag.

  • G Funk