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MMA Payout gets paid out

It seems like just last month that Adam Swift from MMA Payout started to write some stuff about the business side of MMA. Now he’s getting his stuff picked up on the front page of Wait a second, it WAS last month that he started this. Damn, that’s quick!

Big ups to Sherdog for picking up the source of this article rather than just having one of your people write a C-grade knockoff of the same info. My only complaint about Adam’s writing is that he could spice it up a bit with occasional references to ‘cunts’ or something. That’s just my opinion, though. Cunts!

  • garth

    damn cunty McCuntfaces.
    anyways, that Costa guy interviewed with Sam Caplan, if anyone wants to read it.

    Same ol’ “purity of blood” and “heritage” bullshit. Just like racist southerners and racist anyone else. Hell, i could give a shit if you want to be pure. Do you have to pursue it under the emblem that stood for death and destruction? that’s crap.
    “I think that today in our day and age I think the white race isn’t able to have as many opportunities as other races have. Therefore I believe that we should start sticking up for ourselves to get the things that we need in society.”

    What? White people don’t…what? I don’t understand what the fuck that viewpoint is. white people get EVERY FUCKING OPPORTUNITY. Once in a long, great while someone at a law school somewhere might get in over a white kid…is this that white kid “losing” an opportunity? What if they lost to another white kid who was poorer than them, and that was the deciding factor? Will they start screaming that poor white kids get all the opportunities in life? It’s like he’s saying up is fucking down. I hate that kind of bullshit.


  • Kris Karkoski

    It was unfortunate that I only has Adam on board at UFC Daily for a few weeks but he is a great writer and deserves the gig.

  • kentyman

    I was really disappointed Sam didn’t ask about the “I have a small penis” tattoo.

    Melvin must be really proud of being white.

  • nem0

    I’m with Garth. Stupid racist cunts. “Oh shit, I might not get to be as privileged anymore! MY LIFE IS PAIN.”

  • garth

    kentyman brings up a very valid point. Sam claims he didn’t want to detract from the point at hand, but seriously…someone has “I have a small penis” tattooed on them? And you DON’T ASK ABOUT IT? What is this world coming to?

  • marshal

    Yeah, I hope they aren’t paying out or fighting for the right to a bigger penis size. It could really pay “BIG” dividends in a fight if you could choke someone out with your gargantuan penis.

  • garth

    god damn you and the mental image you just brainraped me with, marshal. now i’m going to have to sleep with the light on.