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Modern Medicine is Great

Modern Medicine is Great

It’s been less than two weeks since Anderson Silva suffered a horrifying leg break in the Octagon at UFC 168, but the progress of the former champ in his recovery is astounding. Thus far, we’ve seen him grinning with his family around him, and we’ve seen him undergoing some physical therapy. And then there’s the latest pic, posted to manager Jorge Guimaraes’ Instagram and featuring the Brazilian upright and smiling with Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White beside him. If Silva’s recovery continues at this dramatic pace, he may be back in the Octagon by the end of the month!

Anderson Silva Jorge Guimaraes Instagram

  • robthom

    Now anderson is claiming that Weidman didn’t beat him, that it was luck and a fluke.

    You know, a fluke like that time belfort had his hands down and got kicked in the face.
    A fluke like that time that time chael got caught in a sub or when he threw that stupid elbow and landed on his ass.

    This is why I dont like silva, he’s an asshole.
    There are some cool Brazilians (presumably, just by the odds),
    but he embodies everything annoying and distasteful about their culture.

  • Fatal Error

    Back in a month? Come on guys, you can do better than throwing out numbers like that. There is a zero percent chance Silva will even be full contact sparring in a training cage in a month, let alone the Octagon. Even after the surgery and pins are set there is a dramatic amount of healing that needs to be done for him to get back to fighting condition.

  • Jan Tore Lund

    Hi. You’re dumb.