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Montreal is looking stacked

As a Canadian, I’m used to getting the shitty end of the stick. Crappy exchange rate. Double the taxes. No fucking UFC. But it finally looks like the tide is turning, because not only is the UFC coming to Montreal in April, it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops to make their arrival in Canada a monumental event.

First we have Georges St Pierre who will be fighting Matt Serra for the real WW belt, provided Serra is healthy enough to defend it. He says he will be, but who cares if he’s not? If Serra is nixed I bet we get GSP vs Karo, which is all right by me.

Now we have rumors that the Rich Franklin / Travis Lutter match that was initially proposed, denied, and then cancelled due to injury may now be held in Montreal as well!

Finally, Shogun Rua took some time off giving excuses for his loss to tell people his next fight will be … you guessed it! In April! Add Canadians Jason MacDonald, Patric Cote, and Jonathan Goulet to the card and you’ve got a card that’s already shaping out to be the best of the year! And in my own backyard to boot. Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster! Thank you so much!

Those of you who tuned into the Low Blow this week have already heard, but we’re cooking up some big things for Montreal as well in the form of an MMA convention. Details are still sketchy at the moment since the Montreal show was only confirmed over Christmas holidays, but in the next week or two all of the details will be revealed and you guys will be blown the fuck away. For reals, if you live within 10-15 hours driving distance from Montreal, you DON’T want to miss this one.

  • Foojita

    Christ. Canada gets better treatment than New Jersey.

  • fightlinker

    Montreal is the beautiful pussy of North America, while NJ is usually considered the armpit.

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Hey Linker, have you heard of anyone buying UFC fight club memberships? Me and my roommates all bought one to so we could get first dibs on tickets. Apparently their not guaranteed to get us a ticket. Have you heard anyone getting the run around from this, or does it seem legit to you?

    Saint John NB to Montreal………9 hours……lots of coffee and dubes..

  • Tertio

    I have no friends i cant go there with my dog its a yorkshire and people will laugh at me god my life sucks i dont want to be the weird dude with no friend sitting in at the table wit the retard and the guy with one eye what should i do maybe the new UFC ring girl will be available for outcalls so i can pay her to be my friend omg my life is so empty btw i live in Arvida so its within 15 hour so its all good if i can find a friend will you be my friend ?

  • Mobb Deep

    I’ll be there in full force with my Leafs jersey on and my Blue Jays hat.

  • Foojita

    Sean Sherk now. It seems like the UFC told everyone they’re fighting in April.

  • pauli

    if you live within 10-15 hours of montreal, you may wish to think about leaving the blast zone before it’s too late.

  • kentyman

    I want go just to party with this Tertio guy!

  • Anonymous

    A GSP/Serra title fight and now possibly a Sherk/Penn/Stevenson title fight, Rich Franklin and Shogun. This card is looking insane. Better than the last live card I saw (UFC74) and that card was insane.

  • Method

    I guess you have to be canadian to think this is stacked.

  • Method
  • Kris

    Can’t wait to be there for this card. It’s stacked and there’s still a lot of fight that haven’t been announced.

  • fightlinker

    Ya gotta be crazy to use MMAWeekly as an up to date source for fight cards nowadays

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    How hard do you think it will be to get tickets?

  • fightlinker

    I don’t think it’ll be too bad, but the plan is to scoop the ticket sale date ASAP and have a counter added to the sidebar so everyone knows when they’ve gotta have their pennies saved up for

  • Tertio

    Being huge MMA fans we have the impression its gonna be mad with people sleeping outside for a week trying to get a nosebleed ticket. I am guessing it will be fairly easy.

  • Geoff

    I’ve drove to Montreal from Fredericton three times over the summer to watch bands, I’m pretty sure I’m in like flint on this one. Plus my ladyfriend gets me the good ole Mariott hookup.

  • MMA Fever

    Club Supersexxx will have to do if i can’t get in the Bell Centre.

  • Tertio

    Everyone is having Cote vs TBA and Mcdonald vs TBA on their rumored cards section…would McDonald vs Coté make any sense ? I think it does omg omg.

  • Sean

    Wow, I have to use 25% of my vacation time to get it off, and drive 8 hours, am I gonna do it… HELLS YES!

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Fuck I’m so pumped. I only have to drive 2 hrs… but I hope one of my cheap buddies joins.

  • Brad

    I can’t fucking wait for this. So far I have gotten 11 other people from Fredericton NB who are planning on going.


    Goulet confirmed to the Fight Network this week as well. I read Joslin is not fighting due to injury as well. MMAWeekly just cherrypicks what they can. Almost as bad as showdown joe.

  • Da Pit

    i also saw that Sean Sherk might be on the card too fighting the winner of BJ vs Joe “Daddy”, if there on the card too that would be one of the most stacked card the UFC has had!

  • Amy Robinson

    Franklin/Lutter at the Montreal show is in question now too with the sudden death of Rich’s dad.

    Jeff Joslin apparently will be fighting in Montreal tho, too.

  • Swedish guy

    So HOW THE FUCK do I get there?
    And also, how the fuck do I smuggle an AK47 into the arena to shoot the goddamn sherk fuckster fucktard motherfucker? And where do I buy and AK47? Man, so many questions…

  • jd
  • Fightlicker

    If anyone is driving from Detroit/Windsor/Chatham, send me an email and I may be able to get a few people to share the costs. fightlicker at gmail dot com

  • fightlinker

    We can all organize rides in the forums soon :-)

  • Mobb Deep

    Swedish guy,

    Try Africa, $5 bucks a pop I hear.

  • Fightlicker

    Mmmm, forums, tasty.

  • Fightlicker

    Oh no, sorry, I was thinking threesomes….

  • Xavier

    They won’t be dumb enough to put GSP vs. Karo in Montreal, because it would buzzkill the entire country when the Armenian Army shows up and TAKES OVER.

    Karo by his natural awesomeness, round three.

  • Teufel

    I’m strongly considering flying out for that show. Card is looking really solid so far.

  • shanaconda

    Karo Parisyan vs. Thiago Alves
    is a nice addition
    maybe we should spread a rumour that Randy is fighting Fedor on the undercard and Shamrocks are fighting Renzo and Rickson in a duel death match where one family has to take out the other then turn on each other 2 find the true BloodBath champion.
    I’m so fucking psyched for Montreal that I can’t sleep with 3 months to go.

  • Andrej

    I’m tempted to go with Thiago Alves. His Striking with his leg kick’s are nasty as hell.

  • shanaconda

    Karo by constant Kimura leading to decision

  • Accomando

    “…They won’t be dumb enough to put GSP vs. Karo in Montreal…”

    It would be GSP by genocide.

  • Xavier

    Oh shit, Thiago Alves. That guy is a killer. Goddamn.

    Karo, please train. Train hard. I believe!

  • RoB

    Accomando, your a bad bad man.

  • Swedish guy

    Xavier, I second that. Alves is seriously dangerous and I don’t want to see my boy Karo get asspounded.

  • Xavier

    Swedish Guy, we are now friends because you like Karo.

    Really, that’s all it takes. Karo is the man. Go Armenians!

  • jay

    everyone within 10 hours of montreal wants tickets to this show its a 20,000 seat arena, i m thinking there are gonna be some sad people this show will sell out in 5 minutes i heard ufc fight club memberships have skyrocketed….i think a bunch of people just wasted 80 bucks cuz they only get a limited amount of tickets ,,,season tickets holders at the bell centre get first crack too…there is probably gonna be like 3000 tickets available to the general public