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More classy union business

It’s been a lil while since we’ve heard from UNITE HERE, the union that has dedicated a lot of its time to busting the Fertitta brothers’ balls over their non-union casinos. Rather than fight that battle head first, they’ve decided to engage in a proxy battle with the UFC. Their last attempt to f*ck the promotion over came in the form of legislation in California that would have turned the sport on its head. Now they’re back with what I think may be their most morally gross press smear yet, which is impressive since they’ve already tried to paint the UFC as raging homophobes.

UNITE HERE: Veterans Call on Marine Corps to Cut Ties with the UFC

Veterans Committee of UNITE HERE voices support for the “UFC Amendment” to ban military sponsorships of pro sports

“As a Marine, I am deeply offended that the Marine Corps would ever associate itself with organizations that tolerate homophobia and hate speech like the UFC,” said Ryan Hand, a former Corporal of the Marine Corps and member of UNITE HERE New England Joint Board Local 406 in Saco, Maine. “As a taxpayer, our money can be better spent elsewhere, particularly as the Defense Department prepares deep cuts to the military.”

In a letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James F. Amos, the Veterans Committee of UNITE HERE wrote, “We believe that, by aligning with the UFC, an organization that has tolerated homophobia, misogyny and hate speech, the Marine Corps is violating its stated commitment of `maintaining dignity and respect for one another.’ Homophobia and hatred, in any form, are not consistent with the values that make the Marines an elite fighting force.”

Through its sponsorship of the UFC, the Marine Corps has trivialized service to our country by juxtaposing images of Marines fighting for our country with UFC fighters. (See an example here: ) “Those men and women who have fought and risked their lives overseas in no way, shape or form resemble the bullies of the UFC,” said Albert Bolduc, a U.S. Army National Guard veteran and member of UNITE HERE New England Joint Board Local 687T in Simsbury, Conn. “The UFC is the antithesis of what every service member should stand for — honor, discipline and self respect.”

Yep, they’re now using ‘The Troops’ as a tool to try and get their digs in on the Fertittas over a labor dispute. Hey, UNITE HERE. Where’s the 4 million you’ve raised for soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injuries? How many events have you guys organized for the troops? What’s that? You haven’t done any of that sh*t? You just use soldiers to try and push forward your scummy agenda? How about that.

  • TheFlopPhilosopher

    “…that would have turned the sport on its head.”


    Thats giving them and california a bit to much credit.

    I actually would have considered that an attribute!

  • Fightlinker

    The original version of the bill they put forward was pretty insane

  • agentsmith

    Hahaha yeah, cause if there’s one thing the average soldier simply cannot stand it’s homophobia, misogyny, and hate speech.

  • drunkenjunk

    what a bunch of pussies. Gay marines and national guard go figure.

  • TheFlopPhilosopher

    I think gays should be able to join the military and fly their flag high!

    When the Taliban see that marching down the road towards them they’ll just run for the hills!

    I would.

    We’ll eventually have to chase them to the last hill on earth, but we’ll work out the details later…

  • voice of reason

    LOL did they forget about the rape cases and how the military tries to hide it and wouldn’t even let the women take the assailants to court

    or the rampant homophobia in the army…’don’t ask don’t tell’
    or the racism, abuse, and rape of innocents
    or the torture of prisoners….
    fking ridiculous

  • drunkenjunk

    all soldiers live and breathe hate speech

  • matt masteron

    The Fertittas are keeping mma out of New York. The media capital of the USA. They are holding back the growth of mma, which should be bigger than soccer at this point.

  • matt masterson


    And holy hell does it raise a red flag that the world’s biggest fight company is owned by a casino and makes their employees look like peon loser retards.

  • frickshun

    ^^How is life in the 6th grade treating you?

  • drunkenjunk

    masteron is a gay name