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More fallout from UFC 151

Chael Sonnen recently bought into a pizza place in his hometown of West Linn Oregon. Now check out the special they’re running at Mean Street Pizza. It’s stuff like this that makes Chael Sonnen a legend in my book.

Jon Jones has followed up on his official statement with some added thoughts on twitter. If you were wondering how long it would be until he compared himself to Jesus…

Strung together, the tweets from his @jonnybones account read “Carrying the cross for my company’s decision. If someone has to take the blame, I will accept full responsibility for the way UFC 151 was canceled. I want to sincerely apologize to all the other athletes/fans who’s time and money was waisted [sic]. I feel terrible about the way that was handled.”

Meanwhile, the less famous half of the Greg Jackson / Mike Winkeljohn supercamp thinks this was all a sneak attack planned out by Chael Sonnen:

Winkeljohn: “How long has Chael been attacking Jon in the media? Hmm. He’s a man known for moneymaking schemes and cheating by bending the rules. And he’s done this in various arenas. I think Chael played almost everyone like a fiddle. But I believe like a coward he tried to train and strike Jon when Jon wasn’t looking. But hey, Jon is a warrior, and he, actually we, saw it coming. All I can say to Chael is nice try.

“Jon vs Sonnen. With no surprise attacks like Pearl Harbor. That’s a fight I want to see. Jon will win the war, and I think the UFC should capitalize on it.”

BE: So, you’re saying you want to see Jones vs Sonnen (just not on 8-slash-3 day’s notice)?

Winkeljohn: “Oh yeah. There’s nothing more that we want than that.”

BE: To your knowledge was Jon Jones offered Chael Sonnen for UFC 152 in Toronto?

Winkeljohn: “To my knowledge he was not offered it. I’m not his manager. I do not know about that. I’m not sure why, or if there was some kind of contractual agreement elsewhere. But I know that Jon would be super-motivated to beat up on Chael in Toronto.”

As if this wasn’t enough soap opera drama enough, Rashad Evans has just appeared in the middle of this story. He’ll be training Vitor Belfort for his fight against Jon Jones on September 22nd:

“This is the most important fight of my life, so the time is perfect to join [manager] Glenn Robinson and the Blackzilians and their world class training camp at JACO Hybrid Training Center in Delray Beach,” Belfort stated in a press release. “I will have the best trainers and the top fighters in the sport including Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans helping me prepare for this title fight. I will run my whole training camp at JACO and will win the belt for my fans, family and the Blackzilians in South Florida.”

According to the release, Evans, who most recently lost to Jones at UFC 145, will serve as Belfort’s head coach for this training camp. He will be assisted by Henri Hooft, Mario Sperry, Jorge Santiago and Marco and Flavius Silva.

Here’s hoping they come up with a better gameplan than Rashad came in with.

  • Reverend Clint

    i dont think vitor has a chance but should be fun to watch

  • voice of reason

    Greg and winks turned it down partly due to their egos. It wasn’t entirely because of the late notice, they thought chael wanted to catch jones off-guard, so by turning down the fight they’d be ‘winning’ against chael’s ‘super evil plan’.

    Problem is, it drove them to make a horrible decision. Instead of thinking what’s best, they wanted to ‘one up’ chael and went with was more about saying ‘haha i’m onto u’ than being logical.

    U see stuff like this now and again where people get it in their heads that someone is enacting a secret plan against them and they end up doing smth stupid cos of it in order to ‘win’, and usually it all turns out to be just paranoia. Kinda like if u tell someone to do smth then they won’t do it just to show that they don’t listen to u, even though if they do what u said it’ll be good for them.

    tl;dr Don’t turn down fights to prove a paranoid point

  • voice of reason

    See quote’actually we, saw it coming. All I can say to Chael is nice try.’ for what i’m referring to.

  • Reverend Clint


  • bakapoki

    Even that apology is half-assed and phony.

    Heheheh, “If someone has to take the blame”? DUDE, you are to blame…

  • scissors61

    “Carrying the cross for my company’s decision.” Yeah, compare yourself to Jesus. People will love that.

  • glassjawsh

    dude, stop with this fake sanctimonious holier than thou horseshit, just own up to be a selfish dick face. First hand experience has shown me that people will actually like you more if rather than pretending to be who you think you should be (or who the son of gawd tells you to be) you are unapologetically yourself.

    see jackson, rampage or brothers, diaz for clear cut mma examples of this

  • kvelertak

    Bones need real managers.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^or balls

  • Blackula Jonez

    As said before, Jones can really rake in the dough if he stops this faux sanctimonious act and plays up the asshole angle. At least people will believe that version of Bones.

  • voice of reason

    What surprises me is how he thinks people believe it/ and that there are people who believe his holier-than-thou shit…..i guess he’s at the point where he believes it himself

    Most people who pretend to do this fake shit are usually assholes, albeit insecure ones who r too afraid people will hate who they really are…assholes

  • drunkenjunk

    Jones head is lodged so far up his own ass he thinks he is Jesus now.