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MORE gross shit!

There’s two things I really want to give you all (well actually three but according to some state laws I’m not allowed to offer the third one), and that’s MORE hot chicks and MORE gross pics. I know you all are also clamoring for LESS gay pics, but I love doing that … weeds out the kind of visitors who are like OMG GAY SHIT. Sends them scurrying back to Sherdog, it does.

So here’s some more gross shit, it’s an oldie but a goody that fellow jackal Fightfan messaged me about: the ten worst cuts in MMA. Seriously, some of these are pretty damned hardore. If it wasn’t from August you know Kalib Starnes and Ross Pointon would have been included. Barf-tastic.

  • Zheroen

    Gyah, what in the fuck was the context of that Alex Reid cut? Did he kick an opponent who was wearing a bodysuit made out of machetes or something?

  • intenso

    no shit! How did that happen?

    Nice link. I’m all for more gayness though. Even if just to keep out people with no sense of humor.

  • P W

    Exactly, the gay references scare away those who are sexually uncertain, but it doesn’t bother those who are confidently hetero (and homo too, I guess). Where do the sexually depraved and gays in denial go? Sherdog. Nicely called, Fightlinker.

  • P W

    Why does the doctor (?) stretch Fedor’s cut even wider? What does he expect to find in there? A pot of gold?

  • intenso
  • Lifer

    P W – he was obviously searching for a glimpse of his titanium alloy exo-skeleton. newb.

  • zex

    alex reid threw a kick right into ninjas knee as he was throwing a flying knee type move, it was pouring blood right off the bat

  • Dru Down

    Ah, the Eastman face-vagina; always a classic. Belfort’s finest work since wanderlei, imo.

    Regarding the photos, you could always combine gay and gross in one package- put up some screencaps from the BME pain olympics, whydoncha?

  • Lifer

    are those people gay? i thought they were just masochists or incredibly lonely.

  • Mobb Deep


  • Dru Down

    I like to keep things simple. Any time someone shows a penis and its not being inserted into a female hole, I just chalk it up as gay.

  • Mapultoid

    At #6, I hate to be the nerd, but it’s not an exoskeleton if it’s on the inside. Fedor isn’t a Mechwarrior, he’s a T1000 or whatever.

  • frickshun

    Well played.

  • Hywel Teague [Fighters Only Magazine]
  • #1 Jackal

    I think what is better than the cuts is reading the responses about the cuts.

  • Accomando

    Everyone seems to forget this cause it was a lame TUF show pre-lim fight.

    The fight between Edwin Dewees and Gideon Ray, when that freak Dewees was just pouring gallons of blood into Ray’s eyes, nose, face, and mouth, fucking sickening.

    Edwin’s fuckin’ hair was red after that fight due to the blood loss. It reminded me of the scene from 28 Days later, when the infected people just hold the others down, and puke disease blood in their face, thats what that fight reminds me of.