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More Lil Ronda

Sorry for the lack of updates today, my body has decided it can’t handle this ‘light exercise’ thing I’m doing and I spent the day in a fever swinging back and forth between shivering cold and burning hot. Michael J Fox may have mastered the art of comedy while shaking, but alas I am no MJF. Heading back to bed, but before I go here’s more pics of Ronda Rousey as a kid, lifted from Showtime’s touching ‘I am a Fighter’ video.

The video and more pics after the jump

  • Reverend Clint


  • iamphoenix

    cats, chris hanson cat Why don't you have a seat. How long have you controlled the feather?

  • scissors61

    this shit is getting really weird now

  • Omomatta

    Stop it Ryan.

  • noiseless

    lulz @ kitteeeh kris hansen. but yeah, i’m feeling weird. i just wanna…strangle kids and call them “mom” and shit. “i really wanted those shoes, ma!!” choke choke. eat this cock you little cunt pirate, yarr. i just woke up and i’m all out of meds. thought this would be a nice article to start the day with. t’was.

  • G Funk

    You should start obsessing over ‘lil boys like the rest of normals, this is just uncanny.

  • iamphoenix

    in other news, justin bieber is 18 now. I need a new profile pic.   T_T  :(

  • Reverend Clint

    Lucky for ronda Ryan lives in canland

  • glassjawsh

    making fun of Parkinson’s = why I love fightlinker.

  • fightlinker

    i wasn’t making fun of mjf, i wuz honoring his skillz