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More men behaving badly in WMMA


You may remember’s Eric Holder from his fine bit of journalism entitled “Ronda Rousey put hot meat in her mouth to celebrate UFC 157 victory.” In that article, Holder went into detail on how Rousey “had been craving tender, juicy meat throughout her training camp” and “was finally able to suck on some delicious bones” after her fight. Now Holder is back in the news as female fighters Stephanie Skinner and Cassie Robb are complaining about multiple inappropriate Facebook conversations he initiated regarding their lesbian relationship.

Q: He put you on some of his top ten lists to correct?
CR: Yeah.

Q: At the time, was that something you were o.k. with?
CR: It didn’t really bother me I guess. He hadn’t started being that flirtatious with me yet. I always felt that any time he talked to me or interviewed with me, he was more worried about the sex appeal aspect of the sport, he didn’t really care about my talents.

Q: When did he start with the flirtatious stuff?
CR: A couple weeks after he started interviewing me, he would say really inappropriate things like talking about me and my girlfriend and saying things he shouldn’t have said. I wasn’t rude back, I just said “you’re weird, stop.”

Q: Can you give an idea of the inappropriate things he said?
CR: He was telling me that my kissy pictures with my girlfriend gave him boners. He asked if we would be interested in threesomes. Really sexual questions about me because we have a lesbian relationship. Just putting in his two cents about how hot he thought it was and felt a need to tell me about it.

Q: Everyone knows he focuses on the sex appeal side of fighters, as fighters, how do you feel when that is what is focused on?
CR: It really upsets both of us. It’s not what we are trying to get known for. There are fighters who use that, but neither of us is that kind of person.
SS: I am with Cassie on that. We are here for our talent and not our sex appeal. For someone to focus only on sex appeal, I don’t like that at all. To see my girlfriend on a top ten list of some guy who is a creeper? This dude is not good, her is a pervert. All the messages he sent to me and Cassie, just proved it more. I wish someone would make him stop and tell him to go away.

This follows last week’s story where figher manager Brett Atchley was outed for all sorts of crazy innappropirate behavior. Seems like the WMMA community has decided to take out the trash. Now I’m not about to pretend I’m not an objectifying creeper like Holden sometimes, but I keep my creeperism contained to this blog. Actually messaging female athletes and talking about how you wanna get into taking naked pictures of them and probing them about threesomes? That’s some pretty epic creeping. Like teenage Aspergers creeping.

I can only imagine some of the other conversations he’s had with other WMMA fighters. Well, for now anyways. I’m sure others will surface soon and then we won’t need to imagine.


  • kvelertak

    Seriously? Like male fighters don’t get hit on all the time with probably worse? This is the flesh peddling business after all.

    Gotta love slut shamming on men.

    Only thing I take issue with is this guy sounds like a faggot doing it.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ fighters banging filthy sluts is one thing (because that’s what filthy slut are wont to do) but a media member abusing his position in order to get his rocks off is creepy and completely unethical.

    Maybe, this guy could spin it ryan style (“I live in perpetual darkness and the glow of Internet porn is my only beacon of light…also donkey semen” but at this point he’s pretty much pitted himself as human garbage.

  • glassjawsh

    but ryan’s whole “it’s not sad because its funny!” schtick is probably no longer an option for this twat

  • iamphoenix

    would be hilarious if he did this to fallon fox before everyone knew that that dude was a man.