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More new ring girl pics

UFCGirls is the best place to go for … UFC girls. And with the addition of ho-bag horse face fake boobed Edith Larente, they’ve been having a field day finding a ton of incriminating photos of her. Edith also goes by the name of Annabelle, which is but the first glamor shot porn aliases that has been uncovered so far. But hey, I don’t think badly of Edith for these … she’s got to pay la rente, right? Haha. Edith Larente needs to pay la rent. Haha.

Most of the pictures we’ve seen of Edith so far have been ‘bored egg sucking at ringside’ pics or ‘weird angle glamor boob shots’. Here’s some pics of her in semi-normal poses so you can get a look at how totally average she is.

  • Lifer


  • Dru Down

    I dunno- those pics actually made her face look a little better. Most of the photos we’ve seen- such as the one above- make her look like a tired french prostitute. At least these new ones made her look a little more fresh faced.

  • NeoSpyro

    She belongs in the Kentucky Derby.

  • fightfan

    I like it. FL, you say it as it is. No candy coating, you just bring it…..New UFC ring girl, the ho-bag horse face fake boobed Edith Larente


    Keep up the good work FL!!!!!

  • fightfan

    Kentucky Derby……

    another good one!! lmfao

  • Lifer

    fightfan – are you going to point out what you find funny over and over?

  • fightfan

    What should I leave my post to one word, 2 letters responses??



  • EdenMachine

    Ew?? I don’t know what kind of effing chicks you have up in Canadia but this chick is perfect ring girl material. I didn’t realize you fuckers fantasize about marrying the UFC ring girls. I guess I’m in the minority and just dream about having nasty porn sex with them and this is the best one yet so Edith Larente FTW!! You dumb effing maple-leafers (i say that with love) can take all the tiny boob girls that are great “spokes models” and I’ll take the the girls that look like they like to gag and spit. :)

  • queero mcgayguy
  • Accomando

    Story goes, Dana White hit it while he went up to Canada to sign GSP’s contract yo.

  • Ted Dibiase

    lmao, she was an escort.

    fuck this bitch… no literally.

  • marshal

    Dana rode the horse. That’s cool.

  • Ason

    shes got French face
    painfully tight little nostrils just perfect for saying Sacre LeBlu!

  • Ted Dibiase

    i know how to make this horse face, fake titty having ring girl look good…. stand her next to FL’s girlfriend

  • Palikero

    She’s a cross between Secretariat, Babaro, Mr. Ed, and Alanis Morissette.

  • Tommy

    She’s not that damn ugly. When you gonna let us see your girl FightLinker?

  • marshal

    Girlfriends looks aren’t their primary qualification on a job resume. Therefore they can be horse faced and still qualified.

  • kentyman


    What’s the matter, Lifer? Doing more “research on urine therapy”?

  • mofoman

    Shes hot. if u dont like women, dont look at them. fags!

  • Haterade101