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More on that Anderson Silva money

A lot has been made of Lyoto Machida’s request for ‘Anderson Silva money’ in order to step in against Rashad Evans. Now Sherdog has some quotes direct from Machida’s mouth on what that was all about:

“I wanted a guarantee to fight [Evans at UFC 133],” said Machida. “My manager, ‘Joinha’ [Jorge Guimaraes], called me and I said at first that I was excited to be in the lineup. But, after meeting with my team, we saw that it wouldn’t be a good idea, especially because Dana White wanted me to travel to the U.S. immediately to have my training camp there. Many of the members of my corner don’t have visas right now. Then, I said, ‘If you want me to fight, pay me as a champion. Pay me like you pay Anderson Silva.’”

“A man approaches you wanting to buy your house, but you don’t want to sell it,” said Machida. “So then, you ask for a higher price. You want it? Then pay what I’m asking. I can’t put my career at risk with a bad showing. I think I’d have more to lose than to win in that fight. I have a name in the company. I don’t fight without being prepared, even when I lose. I can’t step in and take the chance of having a bad fight. Today, you have to be extremely prepared.”

“If I’m requested [to fight] in a different way from now on, OK,” said Machida. “It’s not like I can’t train in Belem, but ‘pack your stuff and go to the U.S.,’ that takes money and time. It’s a professional relationship. Everything is business and people need to split things. I hope the UFC won’t harm me. It’s gotta be 100-percent with me and them. I want to respect the promotion, my fans and myself. That was my main cause for turning down that fight.”

On one hand, Lyoto is completely right and being totally reasonable saying this is business and everyone should be compensated properly. That’s why you go in and you lay that shit out during negotiations. It probably would have gone over better than saying “Give me P4P #1 money or no!”, which comes across more like knowing you’ve got your employer’s balls in a vice and wanna get a little squeeze in.

  • agentsmith

    Why is Dana telling him where to train?

  • Grappo

    ^^ prolly so he can fullfill the press and promotional requirements.

  • frickshun

    I back Machida on this one. Dude doesn’t even have time to get his coaches/training partners here to run a super-short camp against a top guy!!

    Pissdrinkers UNITE.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So did They agree and then call back with demands?  That still sounds like a bitch move.  Otherwise, it kinda makes sense to back out if that was brought up afterward, but the money wouldn’t have changed their visa issues so … still kinda flaky.

    And why would he get champion money while not being a champion?  Everything he says seems to open up more questions.  Did the Handy fight gas his shit up that much?

    As a Ryoto fan this is really irking me.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Omg people and this bitch move shit.


    THE FIGHT GAME IS A BUSINESS. If these guys wanted to play an irl world warrior they would be fighting in back alleys and dimly lit dojo’s slugging it out, but instead they have managers, physicians, training camps and fucking other bills to worry about ffs.


    Prize fighters fight for the prize aka MONEY.

    Are mma fans really that delusional to think that these guys just hop into the cage to prove how much a bad ass they are. I still dislike pissbreath for stanky legging Rashad but I can’t hate on a pro fighter trying to get paid well for being an elite in their career path, it would be un american.

  • CAP

    Plus he already starched Rashart once. There is no upside here for him other than money. But now he stepped out of line with Satan’s demon child which is never a good career move in the UFC.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The Blackula:  I state no problem with asking for money before agreeing to the fight.  But agreeing to the fight on your current contractual terms and then calling back later is a bitch move in any business.  Business men business for MONEY!  You go back on an agreement and you’re a bitch.  Contacts will say it’s ‘Ok,’ but once we close the door or hang-up, we talk about finding a different contractor.  PS – I love that you call yourself “The” over on BE

    Cap:  That is a good point.  But does beating handy mean much to the title picture these days?  If he wants championship money, he’s gotta work back up the ladder.  I was hoping he’d take this match to get back at the title -since he tucked Rashad in so well last time- and Crane Kick Jones while evading Yoga Infernos.

  • Monstrosity

    how does a guy who lost 2 fights in a row. then karate kicks a former champ pushing 50 get champion money?

    i kind of understand what he means by its short notice, my trainers need visas, and he other excuses for asking for more money.

    problem is, you’re still 1-2 in your last 3 fights. you have a cult following of fans but most casual fans hate your guts and still think of you as elusive (boring) and bottom line, YOU’RE NOT A CHAMPION. you were for 1 fight and lost (IMO). and then got murdered in your 2nd defense. front kicking Randy in the face doesn’t make you a champ. its gave you a much needed highlight to your lacking reel.

  • agentsmith

    ^ No kidding, he should have been demanding a title shot if he won (which he’d probably get anyway), but he was in no position to demand more money.

  • CAP

    He should ask for Phil Davis money.

  • Grappo

    but he was in no position to demand more money.


    Sure he was.  Just not as much as he was asking for.  Even Dana said as much.


    “There’s nothing wrong with asking for this or that for taking a fight on short notice. But to ask for ‘Anderson Silva’ money?”



  • frickshun

    I would’ve asked for “Anderson Silva DANCE MOVES”.

  • Komodo

    Plus he already starched Rashart once.



  • whitebelt

    The problem is that Dana White holds all the keys in the UFC and he is quick to lock you out or make your career in MMA (I say MMA because they practically have a monopoly) very hellish. This has allowed him to create a culture in the UFC that DEMANDS that fighters drop everything regardless of the physical and mental risk they face. And we the fans have bought into this culture. Sure it’s only one fight but as any well educated fan and fighter know, each fight defines a fighter. They could get injured due to lack of proper training or more importantly their confidence could be seriously damaged from a loss. Yes it seemed a little shady that machida went back on his word the way dana spun it, but think about. He probably said yes because he was most likely afraid to say no to Dana for obvious reasons. No contracts were signed. Probably a phone call. After some critical thinking he realized he was taking a huge risk and felt he deserved proper compensation. And rightfully so.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I will concede to DJ TE that tying to change the terms after making a verbal agreement is a bit disengenuous. 


    I am begining to think Lyoto is the type of fighter who goes nuts over $$$, be it himself, his dad or wife. He has had a taste of the the good life and is addictited to it.

  • frickshun


    Whitebelt is right. He said yes, like most men do…..without considering all aspects of it. Dana is just mad he didn’t get what HE wanted.