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More rich dudes from Dubai getting into MMA game

Oh, that wacky Middle East. They really squeeze every ounce of goodness out of the trillions of dollars they get from sitting atop large amounts of sweet, sweet oil. They erect buildings like the Burj Dubai on foundations of pure sand, keep huge harems of concubines, and buy more cars than they could ever drive. It’s okay that they give women the same legal status as lamb kebabs because hey, they love thems some martial arts. Heck, Sheik Tahnoon bin Zayed al Nahyan even bought a 10% stake in the UFC just to show what a big dick swinging mofo he is.

It would be really nice if the ultra-rich Dubai elite made some investments in regional infrastructure and development of non-earthrape economic sectors so they wouldn’t have to pay their populations to sit around and do nothing. And it would also be awesome if they could exert some calming influence on their neighbors who slaughter thousands of their own people because they want a voice in their own governance. But barring that, how’s this for a consolation prize: they’re now investing in the Cage Warriors promotion and taking it international. MMAJunkie reports:

The U.K.-based Cage Warriors Fighting Championships continues its aggressive international expansion, and the promotion is now planning on hosting 16 events in 2012.

Cage Warriors director Graham Boylan credited the continued growth to a new partnership with Sky Stone Production and Entertainment FZ, which will see the Dubai-based company manage Cage Warriors’ international schedule.

“Sky Stone is very excited that fans in the Middle East, Ukraine, Poland and Turkey will get the chance to witness the hugely popular Cage Warriors Fighting Championships this coming year,” A Sky Stone spokesperson stated.

Cage Warriors’ current 2012 schedule includes:

  • Feb. 9: Lebanon
  • Feb. 18: London, England
  • Feb. 25: Ukraine
  • March 15: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • April 12: Amman, Jordan
  • May 5: Dublin, Ireland
  • July 7: London, England
  • Sept. 1: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Oct. 11: Amman, Jordan
  • Nov. 17: Hungary

If “hugely popular” means “their most popular fighter has one testicle and they give their product away for free on a website that has the word ‘junk’ in its name”, then by Muhammad’s beard, Cage Warriors is hugely popular! Judging by what they’ve done for submission grappling, maybe they can actually make some strides with Cage Warriors if it doesn’t ever need to turn a profit. Now every time we refuel our vehicles, we’re not only paying for a 180-foot yacht named “Tits”, we’re supporting MMA. I’m definitely going to buy a gas guzzler now.

  • Letibleu

    Oh dude, this is by far the most racist, outright fucking racist article I have ever read on this site. This is some fucked up shit. Did Ryan read this???

  • dick

    Letibleu- Ryan not only read it, but a few sentences of the article were written by him.

    Let me point out that this is in no way, shape, or form saying anything about any particular “race” of people. For fuck’s sake, many Iranians have a skin tone that would allow them to pass for white. It’s about the wastefulness of the privileged few in certain countries who end up keeping others subjugated by maintaining themselves as the sole sugar daddies of the entire country’s population.

    Surely you don’t expect me to pull any punches when discussing people who make rules saying it’s ok to execute someone every time someone utters the word “witch”, “sorcerer”, or “adultery”. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    If “hugely popular” means “their most popular fighter has one testicle and they give their product away for free on a website that has the word ‘junk’ in its name”, then by Muhammad’s beard, Cage Warriors is hugely popular!

    I think this bit was pretty funny.

  • glassjawsh

    Forrest griffin only has one nut. he said so in his book

  • Jarman

    wow. stow the indignation leti. I’ve read and re-read with a critical eye, and racist is pretty low on the list of what I’d call this bit. you must be really sensitive today…..take some midol, put a cool wet cloth over your eyes, and gets some rest. maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow. best hold off checking this site, never know how offended you might get.

  • Rye

    How is this article racist? What “race” is being denigrated? And what part of the article do you have a problem with?

    To me, it sounds like your defending the practices of these rich animals who treat women like less than human… is that the case?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    C’mon guys, stop piling on the SandBanger.

  • iamphoenix

    Plus 15 internet points for Leti immediately derailing this post. Good game.

  • Letibleu

    + 15 points for mixing up Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and more.


  • dick

    ^^^ lol… that’s the whole point. Not too smart, are ya? Iran, Iraq, what the hell’s the difference?

  • Rye

    +30 points for magnificently avoiding the various questions & accusations… that is a talent of Sonnenian levels…

  • Letibleu

    What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia?



  • Jarman

    Thanks for giving us something to talk about leti…..nothin on dick for this, but what the fuck else could eb said of brunei getting involved in Cage Warriors? does anyone give two shits about that organization? other than as a footnote of mediocrity and eventual failure, that is…..

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    You’re crazy, Jarman.  No way this doesn’t succeed – it has BOLTS IN THE LOGO.

  • dick

    I believe youve coined a new word: sonnenian. delightful.

  • Letibleu

    Also, not enough links.


    They look like rivets.